Parents visit Coronach School

May 7, 2014

It is very important for parents to be familiar with where their children go to school. I would like to think that I decided to write this article to support parents connecting with their children’s school but I am also sure that it was also due to the lack of stories to cover in a small community and the need to fill a newspaper. Yet this is the kind of story that should regularly be covered by the media.

Here it is:

Borderland Reporter

March 23, 1983

Parents visit Coronach School

by Tanya Lester

About 75 parents took advantage of the Coronach School visitation day, last Wednesday, run during the province’s Education Week. Throughout the day, parents observed teachers giving lessons in the classrooms and watched and participated in various class presentations.

For example, some parents participated in a grade 12 physics experiment in which work and power was tested. Members of the public were asked to climb up a ladder while their speed was timed. The students then used physics laws and formulas to calculate the work and power level reached by each participant.

Maureen Shelstad’s grade 6 students presented story recitals to the parents visiting their classroom. The exercise seemed to be a particularly good one for the students as public speaking and the nervousness that comes with it is an aspect of life many of them will have to deal with during the rest of their school years and into adulthood.

Following a “Drinking and Driving” film presentation by Constable A. Davidson, several future drivers of Coronach’s roadways received their driver education certificates handed out by the constable and Peter Saher, the school’s principal.

Parents were also invited to listen to a taped speech by Father Larre on the topic of why students rebel against society. 

For the Education Day celebrations, the school’s walls were filled with displays that ranged from St. Patrick’s Day art tributes to short essays to maps of Canada’s provinces to sea creatures.

One display was just the type to catch a news editor’s eye. It consisted of several editorials. The beginning sentences of the editorials made statements including: “I think there should be trails for kids with motorbikes”; “Some people litter. It think it’s disgusting to have garbage lying around”; and “I’m sick and tired of our school playground mud!”

It just goes to show that young people can articulate valid opinions, too. Mr. Saher would agree. He felt the day was in many ways a success because the students had been very involved in presenting their parents with the various aspects involved in the makings of a school.


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