New Pool Elevator for Willow Bunch

May 9, 2014

When I was house sitting in Kelowna, BC over the winter, I met someone who was from Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan. I have to admit I had not thought about that village for many years, probably not since I was editor of the Borderland Reporter in the early 1980s. It is an amazingly sweet for a town, though, isn’t it?

If you saw my earlier post about how grain elevators were starting to be a thing of the past during the early 1980s, you will know why the new pool elevator that went up in Willow Bunch during that time period was certainly worth an article:

Borderland Reporter

March 23, 1983

New Pool Elevator for Willow Bunch

by Tanya Lester

The new Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator at Willow Bunch has the capacity to handle 9,000 bushels of grain per hour and can accommodate nine truck loads of grain at one time, on its double-leg system.

This can be compared to the old Pool elevator which could only cope with 2,000 bushels of grain per hour or two grain loads. According to Roger Bourgeois, the elevator’s manager, the old building will be demolished in late April or early May while the new one will be computerized in June.

Mr. Bourgeois said the grand opening for the new elevator facilities is scheduled for June 10. He is impressed with the new elevator because it will be much more efficient than the old one.

In addition, Mr. Bourgeois indicated the dust eliminator or collector would help keep the facilities cleaner.

The new elevator is 116 feet tall and has a scale which is 70 feet long and 10 feet wide and can weigh up to 132,000 lbs. The scale is electronic so, according to Mr. Bourgeois, will be more accurate than the manual balance scale used in the past.

Mr. Bourgeois has already been handling grain at the new elevator and his only regret is that he will be retiring in the near future, so will not be working in the new elevator for very long.


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