Excerpt from AOL article on Tanya Lester’s predictions regarding LeBron James team signing

May 26, 2014

I think I have written elsewhere in this blog that I am almost famous. The following excerpt from an AOL article in which I, along with other psychics, participated is an example of coming close to huge international fame. 

One day a few years ago, I got an email from a New York City AOL reporter in midst of the sports world’s (read especially American sports world) uproar as to which team  LeBron James, National Basketball Association superstar, was going to sign with. Every sports pundit seemed to name a different team and James and his people ‘milked’ the rumours for months.

Finally, this young reporter (I am connected with him on LinkedIn but my search did not bring up his name and he has since moved on from AOL; maybe he will see this post and email me) got a bright idea for a story. He decided to ask a number of psychics who they intuited James would sign with.  He found me when he did a google search for a tea leaf reader. Many, many people have found me this way and become clients. The fact that I have a website and have articles written about me and my work often has never been a bad thing. This my free advice to anyone who needs more business regarding whatever they do for a living.

The AOL reported figured, he said, when we eventually chatted on the telephone that the psychics had just as much of a chance to predict the team to which James was signing as the sports pundits did. 

I let the Gulf Islands Driftwood know what was going on and they wrote an article about my involvement. For awhile Prince ( yes, that Prince) was following me on twitter. There was definitely buzz about me.

I guess Prince might have got a reading from me if my prediction had been correct. Maybe I would have appeared on Oprah’s talk show too, who knows?

It is some comfort to me that none of the psychics who participated in the article got it right either. Neither did any of the sports pundits. James went with Miami and had a horrible first season but he has since, I believe, turned thing around. One of my friends suggested James went with a team other than all of our predictions because he wanted to prove us all wrong. Really? I guess you never know.

I feel doing what I do every day is actually just as good, if not better, than having Prince follow me on Twitter. I am so lucky to be doing something I am passionate about. My accuracy, too, is way higher when I am not participating in media stunts.

Here is the excerpt from the AOL article:

Tanya Lester has been practicing the art of tea leaf reading for almost 15 years. The process involves drinking a cup of tea and divining meaning from the patterns in and placements of tea leaves. Most people know it from a famous scene in the Harry Potter books and movies.

Lester, the author of Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader, lives on an island that requires a three-hour ferry ride from the abandoned basketball town of Vancouver to reach, and admits she knows absolutely nothing about LeBron James or basketball.

“I am interested in James at the moment because this is something very interesting to me on a psychic level,” she explains. “It is a way for me to flex my psychic muscles.”

Her method of tea leaf reading combines the intuitive process of reading the leaves with the channeling of a higher power through her gift of clairvoyance. Because of Lester’s lack of basketball knowledge, we figured we might get a team out of left field. Instead, Lester predicted James would go to Chicago. Not only did she see a house on Lake Michigan in the tea cup, she also remarked that James, “has the power of a bull and all he really wants to do is take the ball down the court and hoop it into the basket.”

When she found out that the Chicago Bulls were one of the top contenders to land James, she seemed to take it in stride. “This is the way the universe works when it gives us intuitive information,” she says. “I am more sure than ever that LeBron James will choose to sign with the Chicago Bulls.”

She initially read a lot of confusion from James in the tea leaves, starting at the top of the cup. “In many ways, he is not complicated and prefers to not have complications in his life.”

She gets into more specifics towards the middle of the cup, where she gets a vision of James not going to New York, “because he likes open spaces and the Big Apple makes him feel a bit claustrophobic.” As for Los Angeles, James likes to go there to get away from things and has never considered playing there.

Lester does, however, see James’ confusion in selecting a team playing a role in delaying his decision. Because the image of a house and see-saw appear at the bottom of the cup, Lester thinks James may not make a decision until late August. But Lester eventually predicts James appreciating the open space offered by Chicago and even sees an image to further solidify the case. “I am getting none other than the Queen of Daytime Television: Oprah Winfrey.”




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