Tea Leaf Reading

June 2, 2014

I started out as a tea leaf reader and I still love doing tea leaf readings but over the years I have added tarot card readings to my divination offerings as well as psychic channel and mediumship.

This is an article I wrote about being a tea leaf reader for a Nanaimo-based new age or metaphysical magazine called EagleEyeOne:

Tea Leaf Reading

by Tanya Lester

Next time you drink a cup of loose leaf tea, take a look at the exquisite leaf patterns that remain in the bottom of the cup. For many, they serve as a magnet which ignites the desire to further explore the pictorial meanings they contain.

The art of tea leaf reading probably started in China and India where tea drinking originated. The East Indian gypsies or Romas transported this ancient form of fortune telling to Europe. People pf British descent still recall gypsies knocking on the door during afternoon tea. They would read the family’s cups.

Tea leaf reading is among several modalities in which a psychic ponders the remnants of a drink after the liquid have been imbibed. In Scandinavian countries , coffee grounds are read as that is the social drink of preference. Eastern Europeans interpret the “cloud” residue in the tiny expresso coffee cups. At the time when wine had dregs, these, too, were read.

In many Canadian cities tea leaf reading has been offered for decades in tea rooms and coffee houses and Tarot card readings have now joined this tradition. Since each psychic has his or her unique way of going about the process, I’ll illustrate with “my” way of reading.

I ask my client to drink the tea before turning the cup upside down onto the saucer where it is then rotated three times clockwise. This is done using the non-dominate hand because it is linked to the intuitive part of the brain. Then I suggest that the client concentrate on something for which she or he wants spiritual guidance. This process ensures that the client’s energy is ‘in’ the cup.

I read by focusing on each leaf in the cup. Every one presents a picture to me directly related to the client’s future. The picture establishes itself in my mind’s eye (Third Eye) like a frozen image on a movie screen. Then, the picture begins to move and tells me a visual story. I translate this story into words for my client. The entire pattern of the leaves provide me with an overall theme that will prevail in the individual’s life during the following year.

Tea leaf reading is one of the tools that triggers my psychic abilities. It begins a channelling process. It is one that I inherited from my Lebanese great-grandmother and grandmother. Like any psychic process, practice makes perfect. The client receives affirmation and clarity about his or her future in a relaxed atmosphere.




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