Wharf divestment procedure stalls Hope Bay Village project

July 21, 2014
When I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1998, I suddenly realized that when I had a problem even vaguely government related in Winnipeg, I always knew who to call to get the answer or to get help to solve the problem.

On Salt Spring Island, I found there was often nowhere to go for information. Many people might have a theory as to how to solve a problem but no one knew how to solve the problem.

Same goes for any of the Gulf Islands, which dot the east coast of Vancouver Island in Canada (for those of you who are not aware of the geography). Government bureaucracy and political nepotism can make establishing a business, or doing almost anything else, a nightmare.

The following Hope Bay Village project, to rent space to businesses on the wharf, is a past example:

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Penders Edition
June 7, 2000
Wharf divestment procedure stalls Hope Bay Village project
by Tanya Lester

Federal government divestment of the wharf at Hope Bay has indirectly delayed construction of Hope Bay Village.

According to woner Case Van Der Valk, a prospective lender does not want to finance the project until he is satisfied that a leasing arrangement between Van Der Valk and the provincial government, which is the new wharf landlord, is completed.

This arrangement is expected to be signed in about a week, said Charles Littledale of B.C. Assets and Lands.

He said the Hope Bay situation is being given top priority as it is interfering with Van Der Valk’s business project.

B.C. Assets and Lands will be offering Van Der Valk a 20 to 30-year lease for part of the area on which his building is being constructed.

Littledale said Van Der Valk might also enter into another leasing agreement with the Capital Regional District concerning a connecting area where a walkway might go between the wharf and the commercial building.

Van Der Valk previously leased the wharf area, on which part of his building is located, from the federal government.

The federal government is divesting itself from authority over docks across Canada.

Van Der Valk now estimates Hope Bay Village completion will probably be in October. His original goal was to open the commercial building this summer.



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