Tea leaf reader recruited to predict NBA star’s move

July 25, 2014

In Twitter’s pioneer days, I have to admit being flattered and excited when Prince was briefly following me on Twitter. (Nowadays, of course, it is different and Twitter serves a sort of egalitarian cocktail party with the everyday people mingling easily with the rich and famous).

So why was Prince following me in the dawn of Twitter days? It was because I had been asked by a reporter from AOL, New York based online publication, to predict who LeBron James, NBA superstar, was going to sign with.

This summer LeBron James’ signing with an American basketball team has been in the news once again. He did an about-turn by leaving Miami and going back to Cleveland. In 2010, the American sports world was in a frenzy about where James was going to go after he became a free agent and was able to leave Cleveland.

That is when Ferdinando Di Fino decided to write a story with an unusual angle. When he Googled “tea leaf reader”, I will give you three guesses as to whose name came up.

Just for the record, none of the psychics Di Fino interviewed got it right as to what team James settled on.

Here is a resulting spinoff story of the story Di Fino wrote:

Gulf Islands Driftwood
June 16, 2010
Tea leaf reader recruited to predict NBA star’s move
by Elizabeth Nolan

Lebron Jamea may be to basketball fans what Wayne Gretsky once was to hockey, but a local tea leaf reader had never heard his name before she was asked to predict his future.

A self-described psychic who channels spirit guides to make her readings, Tanya Lester often does her work for long-distance clients.

Getting the commission to predict a sports star’s next move was a first.

“I have received other requests for readings, but certainly not from a journalist who lives in New York City,” Lester told the Driftwood.

Sportswriter Ferdinando Di Fino contacted Lester for the reading as part of a story he’s working on for AOL.

He told her the entire sports world is trying to guess where James will go after his contract in Cleveland ends this year — and he decided non-sports experts had as much chance as anyone to predict the end result.

Di Fino said his article will included information from an astologer and experts in body language and handwriting.

Though he’d never heard of Salt Spring — Lester later described its location to him as being in “Steve Nash country” — he found the local contact through a website listing for her new book.

When she performed the reading a couple of weeks ago, Lester purposely kept her knowledge about James to a minimum, keeping her “slate” free of rational thoughts or preconceived opinions.

“Usually I feel my intuition has to be clear,” she explained.

Lester didn’t have a list of potential teams James would likely consider or know who had the money to afford him.

She did look at his photo on AOL and concentrated on his image while drinking the tea to predict his future choice.

One of the first things Lester saw in the cup was that James has “the power of the bull.” She also saw he needs elbow room both on and off the court.

“What he’s looking for besides money is a home,” Lester said.

“He’s not a complicated person, he just loves to play basketball, that’s his main thing. But right now he’s very confused because up until now there’s been other people making his decisions for him.”

Lester read in the leaves that James wants to stay in Cleveland but the money’s not there.

He will choose Chicago because he finds New York too clautrophobic, and some of the money bringing him there will come from Oprah Winfrey.

After sending Di Fino her results, along with photos of the cup taken by Jennifer Holmes, Lester learned that Chicago is one of four teams that James will probably choose between. And, it was only then she found out that Chicago’s team is called the Bulls.

Lester will see what the other experts have come up with when Di Fino’s story is published during the upcoming NBA finals.

As for James, he has until the end of August to make his decision and Lester, like millions of others, will be watching to see where he goes.

“This is why I like being a tea-leaf reader, because every day someone calls and wants a reading– and everyone’s life is interesting.”

Lester’s new book called Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader can be ordered online…
Confessions of a Tea Leaf Readerby Tanya Lester can be purchased from the author or by going to the title and author name at amazon.com where you can also read the first pages of the book.

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