Celebrating 120 island authors

August 11, 2014

I lived on Salt Spring Island, BC for 16 years. In all that time and I know to this day, the staff and volunteers at the Salt Spring Library have been extremely supportive of the many local authors.

Recently when I was preparing to go to Iceland, I went to the library where I was house sitting in Kelowna and ordered books by Iceland authors. When I returned and was house sitting somewhere else, I went and asked for books by local authors in the nearby bigger community at the library. The staff had no idea who those local authors were. I did not know whether to weep or laugh in derision at their lack of knowledge about writers in their own area.

I think the Salt Spring Library practices of supporting local authors has contributed to my desire to read local authors wherever I go.

Here is a story about an event organized at the Salt Spring Library for local authors:

Gulf Islands Driftwood
May 23, 2007
Celebrating 120 island authors
by Tanya Lester

Salt Spring’s 120 published authors will be honoured at the library’s annual Writers’ Day this Sunday, May 27.

Half a dozen years ago, when Elma Rubright came up with the idea for a special day focussed on local authors, she thought the total number was around a dozen.

To her surprise it added up to 80. Since then, the number has continued to grow. Teenage volunteers are pulling at least 150 books (many local authors have published more than one book) off the library’s shelves this week in preparation for the event, said Rubright. Early Sunday, the computers in the main foyer will be pushed back and covered to make room to display all these titles.

“Writers’ Day is to honour the authors,” Rubright said. “The library is doing this because we love the written word.”

To her knowledge, no other small community boasts such a large number of writers.

The event’s main focus will be a speech by Linda Kavelin Popov, who has authored several books connected to her Virtues Project and, most recently, A Pace of Grace.

Rubright said Popov was unanimously selected because everyone’s face on the seven-member planning committee “lit up” when her name was mentioned.

The long-time library volunteer emphasizes the fact that the event is open to the entire public. If things go as in past years, it will be standing room only.

Rubright looks forward to the future when the celebration can occur in the proposed roomier new library…

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