Kaldor’s 2-for-1 show wows folk club

August 12, 2014

The Salt Spring Folk Club is a musical organization, founded by Bill Henderson of the rock called Chilliwack (which alludes to Henderson’s musical diversity in both rock and folk) and Valdy who is regularly called a folk legend’, that brings the best folk music — Canadian and otherwise– to the island.

This article is about a musician that has performed at The Salt Spring Folk Club and is much loved right across Canada and has a special place in the hearts of many who attend this island folk music forum:

Gulf Islands Driftwood
November, 2011 ?
Kaldor’s 2-for-1 show wows folk club
by Tanya Lester

Big voice. Big sense of humour. Big heart. Great musician and song writer. Contemporary folk artist amazon.

Connie Kaldor lit up the Salt Spring Folk Club stage at its November concert. It was a return performance prompted by a survey in which the Folk Club asked audiences to recommend the musician they would most like to come back.

Kaldor strode onto the Fulford Hall stage and compared coming into the south-end ferry terminal to journeying into the Lord of the Rings. There is always a little rain so it is even more enticing when the sun appears, she said.

She also mentioned another treat involving the Folk Club: “I get to have a sound man (Valdy) that’s way more famous than I am and get introduced by someone (Bill Henderson) who’s way more famous than I am,” she said.

With husband Paul Campagne of Hart Rouge playing back-up for her, Kaldor introduced him as the producer of her CD (her latest, Postcards From The Road) and “co-producer” of her two sons.

By then, she had already launched into humourous chatter alluding to how society and the advertising industry make us feel inadequate.

“You’re not good enough if you don’t have the right kind of duster,” she said. “You’re incomplete without a partner…and E-Harmony (an online dating service).”

At this point, a friend sitting next to me was convinced that Kaldor has a good enough sense of humour to have a successful career as a comedian alone.

She never heard Kaldor sing before. She was not prepared for the 2-for-the-price-of-1 aspect of what this artist has to offer.

No matter what Kaldor does on stage, she does not disappoint. That, of course, includes her music.

Her voice in fan favourites such as Wood River is huge and soulful. It is as big and mystical as the wind blowing across her home province of Saskatchewan.

Kaldor can always make you laugh. After singing about the kind of lover who is a liar and a cheat, she said, “I live in the dream that someday it will will be picked up as an election campaign song.”

But she can make you cry, too, and move you with her passion. Like when she sang, “If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy every gun in the world and throw them in the sea.”

Her story-telling fits right in there with the best in the folk music business.

One instance was when she talked about discovering Saskatoon berry bushes where she now lives in Quebec. While she sent her children in with plastic pails to pick the berries, a Quebecois passed by asking, “Aren’t those poisonous?”

“Yes, yes, they are,” Kaldor responded, deadpan-faced. “Don’t pick them.”

Playing the guitar, keyboard and ukulele are also some of her talents.

Kaldor’s warm-up act satisfied the crowd, too. KC Kelly has an attractively deep voice which he varies to bring out its more subtle qualities. He draws out the words that he sings, helping the audience enjoy the effect.

With three CDs under his belt, Kelly has performed on Salt Spring Island for decades. Besides this, his lyrics reflect his years playing in New Orlean’s French Quarter.

Why drink water when I can drink wine?/Why give the reaper any more time?

His musical partner, Sandy Profitt, blends her lovely voice beautifully with Kelly’s.

Salt Spring residents are fortunate to have the opportunity to catch both these accomplished musicians in performance on the island often…


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