Equal Time: Everything in Health

August 20, 2014

Not my appendices. Not my tonsils. Not my gall bladder. Not my varicose veins.

In this column that I am about to share with you, which I wrote in 1983, I mention that I had never had any body parts removed. I am pleased to announced that over three decades later, I still have all my body parts.

Why? Part of it is genetics, I guess, but more so it is because I practise reiki, chi gong, walk and mix in a few other exercises and yoga almost everyday. These energetic healing modalities keep us healthy in mind, body and spirit.

This column does not really address this. It is about something else and possibly makes a liar out of me because it does mention something I had removed:

The South Voice
October 5, 1983
Equal Time: Everything in Health
by Tanya Lester

I have everything.

I guess I should explain rather quickly what I mean by that statement before you get the idea that I am either an eternal optimist or have a huge ego.

What I mean is: I have basically all the body parts with which I was born. I have never had to have a gall bladder or varicose veins removed. I still even have my tonsils and appendices. No, I have never lost so much as a toenail.

I have been sickeningly healthy. I can honestly say that I have never been in the hospital, except during visiting hours, since the day I was born. (Note: since I wrote this I did go into the hospital to have my baby 27 years ago.)

Which is why I had some difficulty coping with the pain that accompanied an infected wisdom tooth attack last week. Of course, the timing of the attack could have been better. My cheek decided to swell up the day before I stood up for my sister at her wedding.

Can you imagine trying to persuade the people taking wedding pictures to shoot from an angle that would show only the side of my face that was nice and fat?

Well, I didn’t do a very good job of it because my speech was slurred on account of all the painkillers I was on.

Oh, I can hardly wait to see the pictures. There I will be: old fat-face with a drug-glazed look in my eyes.

But I guess I shouldn’t complain. My perfect health record was bound to be broken sooner or later. Many women have had to deal with much more serious health problems.

For example, I recall one particular health problem which was briefly mentioned by Pat Stainton, the Women’s Health Clinic executive director, when she spoke at a Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre seminar held at Pembina Crest School over the summer.

Health problems have been caused by DES pr diethyistibestrol which is a synthetic female hormone many women took between 1941 and 1971 to prevent miscarriage. In recent years, according to a brochure prepared by DES/Action Canada in cooperation with Montreal’s McGill Cancer Centre, it has been discovered that a small number of the daughters of women who took the DES drug, and are under 32 years old, have developed a rare cancer of the vagina or cervix called clear cell adenocarcinoma. If detected early, however, it can be treated.

Apparently, some DES daughters, as they are called, also have more difficulty carrying their own pregnancies to term and have a higher risk of tubal pregnancy. DES sons can have fertility problems…
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