Pender sailor back on tall ship

September 27, 2014

“They wouldn’t just take anyone on.”

The phenomenon of students booking on to travel the world in a tall ship was one of the most fascinating to me when I arrived in the Gulf Islands on the west coast of Canada at the end of the 1990s. I guess because it is the closest we come to in modern times to running away to sea.

Here is an article:

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Pender Edition
August 2, 2000
Pender sailor back on tall ship
by Tanya Lester

Ed Callendar has not really run away to sea on the tall ship fleet that left Halifax last Monday but he is sure eager to be out there.

Callendar did such a good job on The Eye of the Wind on the Philadelphia-New York leg of the voyage that the captain has kept him on the crew for the last part of the journey.

“I think it’s only fair to say he really proved his worth,” said Patricia Callendar, Ed’s mother, from South Pender.

“They wouldn’t just take anyone on.”

The engineering student from South Pender sailed into New York harbour on Independence Day during the final part of a 10-day sailing junket.

He was on the top mast as the boat cruised by the Statue of Liberty.

His father, Michael Callendar, provided some frequent flyer points to cover his son’s airfare to Philadelphia and then onto Halifax where he had made previous plans to visit relatives.

They included his cousin, Andrew Childs, who is among the top-10 ranked laser sailors in Canada.

Callendar, “who made terrific friends with the regular crew”, was in Halifax when the fleet, including the British ship on which he had sailed to New York City, entered the harbour.

The invitation was issued to join the crew as liason officer, at no extra cost, and Callendar could not resist.

His mother said he had a summer job that has “gone by the wayside” in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The tall ship fleet of 40 will travel for 30 days to reach its final destination, Amsterdam, on August 24.

“This will not be a pleasure ride,” said Pat Callendar, who added that sailing across the Atlantic on the open ocean will be difficult work.

The young Callendar now believes he wants to make a career of working on sailing vessels. His mother said he will be coming back to complete his engineering degree, but from there, “the world will be his oyster.”

Salt Spring resident Olin Brosseau participated in the Tall Ship Millennium Challenge for a couple of weeks beginning on March 31.

He sailed om the English Channel and the North Sea.

His father, Paul Brosseau, said he came back a changed person.

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