Boys Chorus a hit on Pender

September 28, 2014

“They said of the whole tour last year, Pender was the highlight”

Here is a story of how the natural beauty of Pender Island and its people are raved about by visitors; and how Pender residents are welcoming:

Gulf Islands Driftwood — Pender Edition
August 2, 2000
Boys Chorus a hit on Pender
by Tanya Lester

The All-American Boys Chorus sold-out evening of Broadway hit renditions and Beach Boys medleys on Thursday was a return performance instigated by the boys themselves.

“They said of the whole tour last year, Pender was the highlight,” said music director David Albulario. “It’s beautiful here and, of course, the boys have been really taken by the people.”

Sandwiched between a tour of major centres such as Moses Lake, Washington; Banff, Jasper and Edmonton, Alberta, was a two-day stop for the 36 boys on Pender.

After dinner at the Anglican Church Hall, a few of the boys enjoyed talking about their adventures while billeted in 21 Penders homes.

To them disc golfing was something new as was getting a close look at starfish.

Bev Conkey, who with husband Bob hosted an 11 and 13-year-old, said the pouring rain made it possible for them to really enjoy the boys’ company.

Being from California, the two were concerned about bears. And they found it difficult to understand how a bridge could be so small as the one between North and South Pender that they had to wait for another car to cross.

They also were amazed at the lack of MacDonald’s on the islands.

Conkey said the boys were enthusiastic, dedicated and organized. Gordon and Barbara Souter also opened their home to two of the boys. “They didn’t seem to mind the rain,” Barbara Souter said about them. “They said it hardly ever rains in California.”

For them, the highlight was seeing deer and getting up close to two fawns. They also enjoyed going to a swimming hole in the Magic Lake area.

The concert, held Thursday at Pender school, raised $1,500 for the Pender Island Youth Sports Association.

The repertoire included barber shop songs, classical interpretations and old favourites like Strike up the Band; Boogie, Woogie Bugle Boy and Ole Man River.

One of the most meaningful pieces was the boys’ version of The Maple Leaf Forever which they included to honour their Canadian audiences.

Their performance was terrific despite their concern about how eating ice cream for dessert at supper might impede their vocal cords. (Albulario advised them to drink water to remove the cream from their throats.)…

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