One turns out to meet with MP Gary Lunn

“On ferry matters, Lunn said he can relate to islanders’ frustrations as he often is limited to visiting only one of the Gulf Islands a day.”

October 24, 2014

No one could ever accuse me of opposing someone for saying almost anything about the BC Ferries system in this province but I am just saying that it seems our current MP and national Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, seems to get around the Gulf Islands quite a bit more quickly than former Reform/Conservative MP Gary Lunn did. Besides this everytime May speaks, she has a fresh take on what is going on in government and society.

May is much more popular than Lunn was in the Gulf Islands as the headline of the following article attests.
Although my byline is not on this article (maybe the managing editor was trying to protect me from the meltdown that ensued from Lunn’s office), I was the reporter who rushed down to the Ganges Post Office very close to our weekly deadline to get the story of Lunn’s visit to Salt Spring Island.

Both the managing editor and myself knew there was no alternative to writing the truth about what happened.

Next day, my left ear drum was almost blasted out of my head, by Lunn’s assistant bellowing at me on the other end of the phone line. It did not take long that this kind of “feedback” ( read: ranting) hurt my often clenched jaw so badly that I needed a series of chiropractic

Some people believe journalists often do not tell the truth. Maybe so but if this is so then the reason that some journalists may opt to not tell the truth means they have decided to use telling lies as a way to continue to work in this field.

This is an example, I think, of what happened behind the scenes is more interesting on many levels than the story itself is. You be the judge:

Gulf Islands Driftwood
March 8, 2000
One turns out to meet with MP Gary Lunn

For Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Gary Lunn, yesterday was a sunny walk through the Ganges Post Office parking lot and little else.

Islanders were apparently occupied elsewhere, with only one person approaching Lunn for his business card with the first hour of his Salt Spring visit Tuesday.

Lunn was more than willing to provide his views but made it clear that, in his opinion, the federal government has no jurisdiction in any of the issues that are either hot or lukewarm on the island.

Lunn said Salt Spring’s high unemployment, which is federal government responsibility, could be stimulated with a reduction in taxation on all government levels. “People don’t mind paying taxes but they want to see value for their money,” he said.

The Reform MP also took a verbal swipe at federal government programs such as the Human Resources grants that he called “a slush fund” and indicated that money for jobs and other grants need to be depoliticized.

He also expressed disapproval of some Canada Council grants and “TAGS”, money provided to Atlantic fishers to stay at home and not fish. The MP said these government grants are “like hanging up dead rabbits.”

Lunn said the health system is absolutely broken and needs fixing.

On ferry matters, Lunn said he can relatee to islanders’ frustrations as he often is limited to visiting only one of the Gulf Islands a day.

Lunn said he has closely looked at the Texada Lands Corporation (TLC) clear-cutting issue and sees no way the federal government can be involved in it although he recognizes the sensitivity among many to tree harvesting on the Gulf Islands.

For this reason, Lunn said, he believes TLC should be extremely responsible when logging and consider the visual landscape. He added, however, that some people on Salt Spring would prefer it if no trees were ever cut.

Logging at Helen Point on Mayne Island was an issue he was actively involved in, he said, because First Nations people own the land, meaning the situation is under federal government jurisdiction.

Lunn said islanders should approach the Islands Trust and talk with MLA Murray Coell on the Texada issue as it is the provincial government that can bring about changes.

“Just because you don’t like what a government is doing, you can’t step on them if it is not your jurisdiction,” he said.

On environmental issues, Lunn said he is a strong supporter of the underwater marine parks to conserve aquatic species.

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