Californians await judicial decision on Trethewey loan

November 25, 2014

It is called muck raking, when journalists decide to dig up as much ‘dirt’ on someone to discredit the person. In the larger scheme of things, the muck raking that I engaged in to discredit the owners of Texada while they were busily clear cutting some of the beautiful giant trees on Salt Spring Island was of quite a mild nature. (Read other posts on this topic on this blog.)

Here is the story:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

February 16, 2000

Californians await judicial decision on Trethewey loan

by Tanya Lester

California business people Leo Moore and Patrica Murray are awaiting a decision from a Vancouver judge concerning an $80,000 loan they made to Texada Land Corporation director Derek Trethewey in the mid-1990s for his purchase of Carrington Estates in Abbotsford, B.C.

Moore said the judge is expected to make a decision shortly but did not stipulate a time period after hearing from both Moore’s and Tretheway’s lawyers last Thursday.

The debt is not $110,000 including interest incurred on the loan that was made with a share option, according to Moore.

Trethewey has since sold Carrington Estates, claiming he and his investors lost money.

Vancouver realtor Bob Stokes also loaned money to Trethewey for purchase of Carrington Estates. He said Tretheway owes him money but he feels confident that he will eventually be paid back.

“Derek owes me a bit of money,” Stokes said.

“He’s made payments on the money he owes me. Derek is a different kind of bird, there’s no question about it, but my opinion is if I was a resident of Salt Spring Island, Derek would probably be the number one person I would want to deal with.”

Stokes speculates that Trethewey is perhaps in debt because  he does more than is necessary to satisfy local residents in places where he has developments and to adhere to concerns about the environment.

He used , as an example, the Stump Lake development in which Trethewey and Texada shareholder were involved.

“He overdoes it, ” said Stokes. “He spends too much money satisfying the residents. He probably could pull more money out of it if he wasn’t so conscious of the environment.”

The Royal Lepage Vancouver commercial real estate agent said Trethewey is not the type to “rape, pillage and plunder” and felt Salt Spring residents might be reacting based on “fear of the unknown”.

Stokes said he would not lend Trethewey money again but wishes him well.

The realtor would not disclose how much money he loaned Trethewey, but Moore previously stated that Stokes and Dr. Martin Gleabe loaned Trethewey a total of $80,000 for Carrington Estates.


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