Waving & A Pack of Kids

“Galloped away from cold, hard, grey knives/ Crashed over the pains of labour/ Delivered myself/And a brown eyed baby.

December 12, 2014

As I sat down to write this post, it suddenly dawned on me: the adage that ‘Christmas is for children’ is not just a Hallmark card sentiment. In the Christian faith, the holiday evolves around the birth of a child.

Anyone who is a parent knows how having a child changes one’s life. That is the miracle.

The following are two poems featuring children from my point of view as an adult:

Contemporary Verse 2

Spring 1992


by Tanya Lester


When we were kids, we three, my sisters and I

Rode the waves in the sea called Lake Winnipeg

On the backs of grey logs

Hammerhead sharks, scrambling armadillos, grey ponies

But when the waves stormed, crashed putrid yellow

Our mounts bucked, foamed at the mouth, whinnied for safety in their barns

Disgusted, we tossed them aside

Rode the waves with our strong bare thighs

Two decades or more later

I rode those waves again

Tossed aside tubes and clamps

Galloped away from cold, hard, grey knives

Crashed over the pains of labour

Delivered myself

And a brown eyed baby.

A Pack of Kids

by Tanya Lester

After I catch my breath from running and calling to them


After we manage to get across eight traffic lanes

as we head home from Vimy Ridge Park

After I remind myself once again to call our city councillor

to lobby for a crosswalk or even a set of lights here

After I look around and stop being an adult

It seeps into every crack and crevice of my body

Pumps like blood into my heart

That all of us are happy

Stacey  is  happy because Clayton is walking next to her

Luke is happy because he’s running with a pack of kids

Darlene is happy because it’s 22 days to Luke’s birthday party

Mikey is happy because she’s holding my hand

Clayton is happy because Stacey has a crush on him

I’m happy because I’m finally happy being a child after 35 years

“No one is trying to pound anything into us or out of us.”

Did I say that?



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