A peek into Salt Spring’s future

“. A group of people associated with UFOs visit the island. They fit right in with many residents.”

January 1, 2015

The following piece is part of a short lived column I wrote making psychic predictions on the monthly future of Salt Spring Island in the early days of my 16 year stint there.

Just as well that it did not pan out as it might have cut in to the living I made (and still make) giving private readings.

Anyway, going back to the future, here are my predictions for the island for July, 2000:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

July 5, 2000

In the Leaves with Tanya Lester: A peek into Salt Spring’s future

Artist Dee Harrison drank the cup of tea for the reading I did on upcoming Salt Spring events for the month of July and beyond.

Dee, like myself, has lived two years on the island after visiting it for 16 years from her former home in Vancouver. She has two grown children in their 20s who still live there.

As seem in the tea leaves, here are the highlights:

. There is no getting away from the Texada land issue. It jumped out at me (the leaf representing it was falling over the cup’s rim). Someone is or will shortly be “held up  for ransom” symbolically.

Violence, however, is not going to work. There will be a break through land acquisition soon. I see three parcels of land being sold to islanders or others with strong environmental principles. Another will be for organic farming. No surprise here but the third parcel will be used to care for children and perhaps for seniors as well. It seems a care-giving project will develop there.

.In an island park, there will be something developing around a waterfall.

. Someone puts a stake in the land. This person is a sort of modern-day prospector. Gold (lots of money) is what he is after. His neighbours smell a rat and give him a hard time.

. A new spiritual group is settling on Salt Spring. The leader is a striking woman who favours dressing in purple. She is an amazing leader in her late 30s or early 40s. The island will more and more often attract visitors as a place of spiritual retreats. This will create a change in tourism and rival the old way of doing business on the island.

. Five or six spiritual/religious island leaders will come together to pray and meditate on a problem that affects the whole island.

.I see a river running. It is about a new enterprise associated with water and probably with adventure.

. A group of people associated with UFOs visit the island. They fit right in with many residents.

. Someone starts designing retro-motor bikes. They are brightly painted in floral designs, etc.

. A new kind of vegetable, perhaps a tomato type, is developed on the island.

.About half of July will be sunny. The other half will be rainy.

. A group of older people will need to move to a new location. Try to remember that change is good.

. Teenagers come up with really innovative ideas. Listen to them.

Dee asked about organic growers.I saw that they will have a good, steady market. They should remember to walk before they run. Steady wins the race.  In order to avoid burnout, new leaders need to step forward.

She asked about the food cooperative as well. I saw it going well. Again, the idea is not to do too much at once.

The benefits of organizing the artistic community was something else Dee wondered about. I saw organization would help them in the area of marketing, especially off-island where they can get higher prices for their work. They do not need any more creative ideas. Their cup runneth over with them already. They do need more women leaders.

Dee asked about island retailers. I saw they can benefit more by organizing special days (e.g. 15 per cent off days) in which they all participate. A day like this could be filled with music and  poetry events as well.

For Dee herself,  I  saw key involvement in a bigger-than-ever art project.Happy creativity, everyone.  May spirit be with you.



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