No funds keeps Burgoyne Bay out of Gulf Islands Park plan

“Even with its ‘extraordinary ecological values’, the Burgoyne Bay area, including Mount Maxwell, has not been recommended for inclusion in the new national Gulf Islands Park.”

February 17, 2015

First off, in the same breathe that the Burgoyne Bay area of Salt Spring Island is mentioned, there should be an invitation to everyone who lives on or visits the island to MAKE SURE to go for a walk on the trails in this south-end ocean bay area. The natural beauty is sure to wow you. When I have walked it, I have often fantasized about actually strolling down an English country road.

Going to the top of Mount Maxwell is also a must do. You will know what I mean when you get up there.

The following article was one a wrote in the wake of the Texada tree clear cutting on Salt Spring Island. Parks Canada administration had decided it was time to establish a Gulf Islands Park. Duh? It was about time that they did something to preserve the arguably most beautiful natural land in Canada.

This piece explains why Salt Spring Island was not purchased into the park.

By the way if you watch the Knowledge Network (PBS) on television, you can catch scenic Gulf Islands Park views on the Parks for All Seasons series.

Here in the June, 2000 article

Gulf Islands Driftwood

June 28, 2000

No funds keeps Burgoyne Bay out of Gulf Islands Park plan

by Tanya Lester

Even with its “extraordinary ecological values”, the Burgoyne Bay area, including Mount Maxwell, has not been recommended for inclusion in the news national Gulf Islands Park.

According to Greg McDade, a Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy (PMHL) consultant, the PMHL does not   have the funds to purchase “additional acquisitions of this magnitude.”

McDade wrote in his report released Monday, that he strongly recommends the inclusion  of Burgoyne Bay if more funds become available for acquisition. Currently, no Salt Spring land is part of the national park proposal that McDade endorses for  Parks Canada.

He said Salt Spring residents have not reached a consensus as to whether they would like Ruckle Park to remain under provincial management or have it shift to Parks Canada.

“The majority view on Salt Spring Island at this time seems to be that a national park would be welcomed if it brought with it a “gain” in terms of additional land acquisition,  but otherwise there is no compelling rationale,” he wrote.

McDade stated that Salt Spring is generally in support of the national park concept with concerns about tourism impacts. He recommends that Parks Canada include the biggest of the Gulf Islands in its public consultations and interim management planning. He also states that at least one Salt Spring representative be appointed to the Gulf Islands park management board.

In his general recommendations, McDade encourages Parks Canada and B.C. Parks to proceed promptly with establishing the new national park.

Other recommendations include:

. continued Parks Canada endorsement of “protection of ecological integrity and conservation” and the establishment of marine conservation areas.

. provincial government reconsideration of funding commitments to PMHL, while provincial parks transfer should not come at the expense of any reduction in the B.C. Parks budget.

. provincial and federal governments’ early consultation with First Nations peoples.

. a management board/advisory council to be set-up with representatives from Pender, Saturna, Mayne and Salt Spring and local advisory councils on Pender and Saturna islands as well as Mayne (if desired).

. establishing it as a “car-less park.”

. Parks Canada negotiation for fire protection agreements on the Penders, Mayne and Saturna.

. an administrative centre on the Gulf Islands or,  if this is not practicable, locating many administrative staff on the islands with a strong operational presence as well.

. establishing a park information booth at Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen.

. Islands Trust consideration of a process to meet the challenge of increased commercial development on the park lands boundaries.

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