In the Beginning

“shelling peas into the red-rimmed enamel basin at the kitchen table”

April 4, 2015

Of all the writing genres, there is something special about writing poetry. It is the writing form through which the poem can choose to wring out his or her emotions. The following poem is inspired by the bittersweet love my parents have had for each other for as far back as I can remember. It is fictionalized but true at the same time especially when it comes to the feelings:

Dateline: arts

Poetry by Tanya Lester

In the beginning

They cleared the brush

It was their land, she said looking out the window above the sink

They could do with it what they wanted

Later, wiping dishes with the tea towel, she would tell her

children, their children, how it used to be overgrown with bushes.

How they brushed it all away. Made room to dig a garden, work the

black earth. (Always she won second prize for that garden. Except once. One she won first.) She would tell her children this as if somehow she wanted to say At that time your father and me were so much in love. Once in the clearing he covered the ground with his red plaid work jacket. We sat down together on it. And… were close.

Over the years


shelling peas into the red-rimmed enamel basis at the

kitchen table

ears straining for the sound of his truck

his boots clattering down the gravel path

sweeping the floor for the third, fourth, fifth time

struggling to wipe loneliness




off the cupboard doors above the

stove. Over the years, she remembered to her children, the days

they cleared the brush out from around the kitchen side of the house


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