Find answers Saturday: Not your average cup of tea

“It’s a relaxing thing to do, an entertainment for some, helpful in making a decision or giving solace at a difficult point in one’s life.”

April 21, 2015

For the last two and a half years, I have been travelling to different communities where I house sit and offer my psychic readings/intuitive counseling. I am not officially a Roma, as I believe you need to be born as one, but I say I am a gypsy.

This started years ago really even when I was still based on Salt Spring Island, BC. I travelled regularly to communities in the Kootnay Mountains, on Vancouver Island and down to Boulder, Colorado.

When I arrive in a town or city to stay for awhile, I send a press release to the local newspaper which outlines what I do and I offer a complimentary reading for one of the editor’s reporters if he or she is interested in writing an article about me.

Here is part of one that was written about me several years ago by a reporter in Nelson, BC:

Nelson Daily News

Find answers Saturday: Not your average cup of tea

by Timothy Schafer

The possibility of knowing the future can be tempting.

Receiving a tip of what is to come can pay many dividends, at least assailing one’s trepidation of the unknown.

It is with that motive in mind which many people seek out a psychic, imploring them with questions, trying to pry open the doors of what is destined to transpire.

Tanya Lester has seen many cross her path with a desire to see the future. In the 11 years the Saltspring Island resident has been reading tea leaves, she has encountered many people looking for answers.

On Saturday  at the Nelson and District Community Complex, she will be ready to provide some answers as well as showing the way to divining tea leaves in a workshop, the Art of Tea Leaf Reading.

“When people are in any kind of crisis in their life they come for a tea leaf reading,” said the self-taught tea leaf reader. “But there has always been a tradition of, after a meal, answering what is coming into your future.”

It’s a relaxing thing to do, an entertainment for some, helpful in making a decision or giving solace at a difficult point in one’s life. It encompasses everything under the sun, said Lester, and its uses are as varied.

The whole process involves “tapping” into someone else’s energy, their aura, said Lester. The person who drinks the tea leaves their subconscious mind imprinted into the leaves — as if the person pulls the things most important forward in a pattern with leaves……



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Tanya Lester’s other books are Dreams & Tricksters, Friends I Never Knew, and Women Rights/Writes.   They are available in some library systems and at the Legislative Library of Manitoba.


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