Tea tells all

September 19, 2015

This blog is not only a collection of pieces I have written but also includes articles that were written about me. Over the years I have done many tea leaf readings (as well as tarot and other psychic readings) in many places as well as tea leaf readings workshops, in which I help other people learn the art of tea leaf reading.

Often I send a media release to the local newspapers and tell the editor that I am glad to have one of her or his reporters come and report on the workshop or interview me for an article in exchange for receiving a complementary tea leaf reading. I know from my own experience that reporters on small publications do not get paid well but are fortunate enough to get some nice perks.

Here is a short article written by one such journalist who worked in Castlegar, BC:

Friday, March 14,2008

Kootenay Western Star

Tea tells all

by Darryl Pollock

I arrived at Castlegar’s Selkirk College at 10a.m.with a teacup and saucer, ready to learn all about

the ancient practice of tea leaf reading.

After having poured everyone’s tea, Tanya Lester, talked about her background with tea leaf reading.

One day , for no reason, she bought a book on how to read tea leaves.

Many times, she had forgotten about the book, or tried to sell it at garage sales.

Then, after a few years, a friend of hers was having a tea party and wanted to get a reader for entertainment. She tried to find one, but after not being able to, Lester decided to take up the challenge.

“I just loved it,” she told the workshop students.

She has now been readings tea leaves for 11 years (Note: in 2015, I have now been doing it for 15 years). Whether she is travelling the world doing workshops, or at home on Salt Spring Island, Lester says she always has an abundance of clients.

After drinking our tea, the group took turns passing around their cups, looking for pictures in the leaves. I was really amazed when I saw a small terrier in the leaves of a woman’s cup —- the woman told me she had a terrier.

I know, I didn’t tell her anything with profound meaning, like some of the other people at the workshop were able to do, but I was still surprised at what had happened. (Note: I always do reiki (placing positive energy) for the room and the people in it which I believe helps you open up their intuition.

As the day went on, I continued to be surprised. People were able to see things in the cup and get meaning from them so quickly.

They must have all had some kind of gift, something which is needed in order to read tea leaves.

The experience taught me a lot, and the tea was great……


Tanya Lester has four published books. One is “Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader” and can be purchased from the author or through Amazon.com

Her website is at  tea reading.wordpress.com

Also find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. She sometimes posts on Craigslist and Kijjii.





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