Luke at 13

October 3, 2015

I never wrote poetry until shortly after my son Luke was born. I was too exhausted to work on lengthier pieces of writing like the novel I had started before he was born on July 27, 1987. But when I would lay down to take a nap when he was taking his, ideas for poem flew into my consciousness and I would get up to quickly jot down a line in fear that I would forget it if I left this to after I woke up.

I was still writing poems when Luke turned 13 years old.

This is one that was hand printed by me on a paper placemat from a pile left behind by the restaurant owner who lived in our Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada apartment before we moved into it:

Luke at 13

by Tanya Lester

(circa 2000)

I am so proud of him

My son

No particular reason

There need not be one

Yellow is a primary colour

Is how he answers the phone

Mom, this supper was delicious

He encourages me

How about if we play

Egyptian war after

I come back from Cory’s

He never wants to offend me

This is a gentle, caring part of him.

— END–

Tanya Lester is author of “Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader” (that can be purchased from her or and three other books: “Friends I Never Knew”, “Dreams and Tricksters” and “Friends I Never Knew”.

She is a tea leaf reader, tarot reader and reiki master .

Her two blogs are at   and

Her website is at  She is also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter.


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