Tuning in with Carole Matthews

December 2, 2015

In the not too distant past, many people including me enjoyed tuning in to a radio show called “The Messenger Files” and hosted by Carole Matthews in Victoria, BC

Carole is definitely one of the first psychics that I encountered while I was establishing myself as one, between 15 to 20 years ago, who I realized is very accurate in her predictions.

I remember clearly getting a reading from her. I asked the question that most psychics hesitated to answer: when would I have a boyfriend again.

Carole did not “hum and haw”. She gave me a name. It was the same name as someone I had dated in the past so I told her that she must have past and future time confused about this.

She looked puzzled but I could tell that she truly believed her prediction was accurate.

It was only several months later that I realized that Carole had been right. My next relationship was with a man who had the same name as she had mentioned and also the same name– duh– as a man that I previously date.

This was a great lesson for me to learn. Since then, whenever a client quietly asked me if I could be telling him or her something that has already happened, I often quickly reply with, “Sometimes something similar to what has already happened to us, occurs again in the future.”

Thank you, Carole, for that lesson and thank you for all the times you have “liked” a promotion for me as a tea leaf and tarot reader on Facebook.

It is very important to me to help people when I give them psychic readings and I know it is very much so for you, Carole. There is nothing you like better than to help people along on their paths through life while encouraging joy in them.Your life work is extremely meaningful.

The following is an article I wrote about Carole Matthews. I had forgotten I had written it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading it once again:

The Barnacle

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Tuning in with Carole Matthews: Host of “The Messenger Files” talks about coming to terms with her psychic powers

by Tanya Lester

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

This was the message that came across the radio airwaves from AM 900 a couple of Saturday nights ago. It was a switch from the regular fare served up through the electronic media — the message of which has lately been predominated by dispassionate reports concerning the battles in Kosovo.

The words of kindness came from Carole Matthews, host of “The Messenger Files,” a ground-breaking radio call-in show. Produced in Victoria, the show is the brainchild of this intuitive (psychic) medium who has lived on Salt Spring Island for three years.

Down-to-earth common sense

In astrological terms, Carole is Sagittarius and, true to her sign, gives generously to her callers. If the person on the line has difficulty communicating with her partner, Carole is alerted to this problem by experiencing a hoarse throat herself. She might provide her caller with an affirmation to encourage better communication as well as recommending a crystal to strengthen expression.

“I describe my radio program as a psychic phone-in show with insight and depth,” she said during an interview in her studio home just south of Ganges. She combines her intuition with down-to-earth common sense. For instance, if someone calls in wondering if her husband, who has had numerous affairs, will come back to her, Carole does not need direction from her guardian angels to encourage the woman to get on with her life.

Carole’s style is one that people like judging from the lit up phone lines each Saturday night between 7 and 9 p.m. But there’s more to it than that. “We need to know there is something else,” she said. “That we have choices and that we need to love ourselves first. I’m like a traffic cop in your life. I can tell you there is a roadblock on the Fulford bridge. You can go there and sit and wait or take another route.”

The kid who knew everything

In her studio on Salt Spring Island and in several North American cities, Carole does private, highly confidential consultations with people from all walks of life, 50 per cent of them being men. “I have people who come to me and say I have helped them more in one hour that five years with a psychiatrist did,” she said.

Carole started to get messages about the people around her at age six. Born in Winnipeg, she was called the “kid who knew everything,” in Keswick, Ontario, north of Toronto, where she grew up.

During a time when the prevalent philosophy was that children should be seen and not heard, Carole found her precognitive visions disconcerting for herself and others. She saw her neighbor with a cast on her leg, the day before Mrs. Jones broke it. On another occasion, she saw a car go over a bridge by their home on the day before it did.

She also started learning about guardian angels. “I would meet someone and see three other people (their guardian angels) with them,” she said.

Carole inherited her intuitive abilities from her father but he never came to terms with them. “They (literally) ate away at him,” she said, referring to his death from cancer at 58 years old. She remembers him abruptly leaving a party because he saw a white light around the hosts and knew they would die soon. The next day, they were killed in a car accident.

Car accident signaled a turning point in her life

In 1979m Carole began working professionally as an intuitive medium. The turning point came when she was in a car accident that almost killed her. Laid up in bed for four months, with three children to support, Carole switched from working as an executive secretary to reading Tarot cards in the restaurant below the apartment where she lived in Toronto.

Carole is now often drawn to facilitate as a medium between her clients and their deceased relatives or friends. This is especially the case in suicide when people want to know why a loved one took his or her life.

“There’s no booga, booga going on,” Carole recently told Jane Hawtin on her WTN television show in Tonrot. She explained that she talks in her own voice and does automatic writing as the spirit of the deceased communicates through her.

But what about predicting someone’s death?

“I don’t play God,” she said. “I’m very tactful.” In one case she realized  a client’s father was to die in July. She did not mention the death but suggested the client do something very special for Father’s Day. The client later wholeheartedly thanked her.

Over three years ago, Carole approached the producers at AM 900 with the idea of a psychic phone-in show following many guest appearances. Many of Carole’s callers were from Salt Spring Island so one Sunday (the show used to air on that day) she stepped into her green convertible and went to introduce herself to this Gulf Island which she had never seen.

The second time here, she communicated with her deceased nephew, who she now numbers among her own guardian angels. “Okay, Danny, I want a place up here,” she said, standing just below where she now lives. It is no conincidence that the building’s owner is named Danny.

“It’s a magical island and it allows me to recharge my batteries,” Carole said about Salt Spring. “I think people are drawn here intuitively. If they are supposed to be here, they stay.” Carole has plans for a television show and is working on a book about her life.


Tanya Lester, BA and master tea leaf reader, has done 1000s of  tea leaf readings, tarot, psyhic channellings and mediumship sessions for people from all walks of life over the past 19 years in Canada, the United States and in parts of Europe. She is also a reiki master, housesitter and art model as well as a writer and author of four books including, Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader, which can be purchased from the author or from amazon.com

To get a reading from her or to ask her to housesit for you,  contact her at tealeaf.56@gmail.com or call 250-538-0086 for an in-person reading when she is in your part of the world or long distance wherever either of you are in the world.

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