Salt Spring star connection spawns fundraising campaign

December 8, 2015

Among the many, many (I would say way too many) stories that we all hear about the rich and famous, are stories about how much money they give to worthy causes (ie Mark Zukerburg’s promise to his baby daughter that he will giveaway 90 percent of his wealth) or that they are stingy or try to get things for nothing based on their fame.

I have heard that one rock star family who lived Salt Spring Island pays the people who work for them very little and in some cases nothing at all.

About a week ago someone, who I was chatting with on the bus travelling from Victoria to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, mentioned that proof of the pull of wealthy people on Salt Spring Island are the number of ferry terminals — 3 — on the island.

Andrea Collins, who had previously been married to pop star Phil Collins, told me, during the fund raising campaign to buy the land from Texada so it would be turned into a park instead of a clearcut, told me that she got a negative response when she approached her ex-husband for a donation. He apparently said that he did not support the environment.

The following story shows how being famous and/or rich or even associated with either can get you things (in this case for a worthy card) is you play the wealth or fame card:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

Wednesday, May 10, 2000 ?

Salt Spring rock star connection spawns fundraising campaign

by Tanya Lester

In her role as a long-time environmental activist, Andrea Collins tried week after week to get the Vancouver Province to do a story about Texada Land Corporation (TLC) clear-cutting.

Week after week, the newspaper reporter brushed her off.

In her role as the ex-wife of rock superstar Phil Collins, Andrea Collins does not have the same problem.

In June, London’s You Magazine, which boasts 6.5 million readers, will interview Collins about the importance of stopping TLC clearcut logging on Salt Spring Island.

Since the Province  learned of her association with Phil Collins, that paper has also done a story.

Collins, who last Thursday launched the Save Salt Spring Campaign Fund, knows famous connections should not make a difference, but she also knows they do.

“It helps because editors of newspapers like to have a bit of a different angle when it comes to stories,” said Collins.

When Briony Penn from the Land Conservancy of BC approached her about setting ip the campaign fund, Collins was glad to use her famous name to help the cause. “I really see my effort as part of a community effort,” Collins said. “That’s where my heart is. I consider Salt Spring my home and B.C. is so beautiful. I guess I notice it coming from England where the trees are all cut down. The trees need to be there for our kids and their kids.”

Her son, Simon Collins, shares her concern for the island’s environment. Simon, who lived on the island until recently, is launching his CD, titled All of Who You Are, in Vancouver on May 18.

Collins and her son wants Much West to interview him in the Mount Tuam clear-cut area so he can voice his concerns. He would also like to do a benefit concert for land acquisition in August.

Collins not only loves the earth but is also very down-to-earth. She said she never liked the superficial lifestyle of jetting around in planes among the rich and famous.

She believes ulimately this was the reason behind her decision to leave Phil Collins.

The money raised by the Save Salt Spring Campaign Fund will be used to cover the campaign expenses, said Collins. These include airplane fares to send a delegation to Germany where TLC mortgage holders live, or to attend a Manulife shareholders meeting, when Ken Lee recently went.

The Salt Spring Appeal money is strictly for acquiring TLC land and cannot be used for campaign costs….


Tanya Lester is a psychic, housesitter and reiki master as well as author of Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader. For more on Tanya go to her website at






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