Home support changes monitored

December 31, 2015

I heard that there are more people, who are in their 80s, living in Victoria, BC than anywhere else in Canada. That means there are also plenty of older people living all over Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


I assume because the climate is more moderate in this part of B.C. than anywhere else in Canada. This way older people can remain in this country where they have ties with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren but are able to spend their later years in a more moderate climate.

Where there are lots of the elderly, there is lots of home care needed and workers to do it.

The following article about the situation on Pender Island is about this:

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Pender Islands Edition

Wednesday, August 13, 2000

Home support changes monitored

by Tanya Lester

Those responsible for home support service delivery are monitoring recent cutbacks while recognizing client needs vary depending on where they live on the Gulf Islands.

“Access to such things like meal preparation is not equal on all the islands,” said Brenda Marin-Link, the Capital Health Region (CHR) Community Services regional director. The goal is to build a solution for each island with a recognition that each has different issues.

Marin-Link has asked to meet with concerned individuals on each of the islands to discuss cutbacks that have left some seniors and others without meal preparation or laundry services as well as house cleaning provisions or transportation since mid-July.

Marin-Link said she has asked Karen Davies, Home Care Support Services manager, to contact nurses on each island to obtain feedback concerning the cutbacks.

Marin-Link and other CHR officials met with the Southern Gulf Islands Home Support Society, the group contracted to provide home support services, last Wednesday. They discussed home support monitoring in relation to the cutbacks. Representatives from each gulf island were present.

Society co-chairwoman Jean Taylor indicated that the home support situation is “clearly in transition” but the meeting reaffiremed support for the agency’s service delivery while keeping it financially viable.

Taylor said CHR officials are open to filling in service gaps while considering innovative solutions to home care cutbacks. Monitoring is now taking place to determine how the altered situation is affecting those directly involved.

Experience leads Taylor to believe the CHR will come up with a good solution. “You have to take things at face value,” said Taylor. “We have every reason to believe that we’ll do the best we can.”

Mary Morrison, a 91-year-old North Pender resident who had her home support service cut, has heard one possible solution to the elimination of meal preparation services.

There is a possibility that food would be prepared and frozen in Sidney. It would then be made available for purchase to home care recipients.

Morrison said she is not eating as well since meal preparation was cut. Sometimes she does not have the energy to cook and skips meals.

She said she also misses the “cheery” dispositions of the home care workers.

South Pender resident John Smith, who had his services cut completely, has hired someone to provide him with home care privately.

“We don’t have the energy to fight,” he said. “We can’t organize because we die off quite quickly.”

Marin-Link said Community Services recently processed an appeal to the cutbacks. Terms reached were agreed upon by the individual and family members.

Another appeal is being considered.

According to Taylor, CHR officials and home support society board will probably meet again to talk about the monitoring results in October.


Tanya Lester, BA and master tea leaf reader, can be contacted through teareading.wordpress.com, tealeaf.56@gmail.com, 250-538-0086, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.


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