‘Fishing’ and long roads in island’s future

January 15, 2016

I was asked once again to provide intuitive predictions for Salt Spring Island, BC by management and editorial staff on the Gulf Islands Driftwood newspaper.

I have had a nice ‘in’ with the Driftwood for many years as I worked as a staff reporter there for a year with my beat being on both Salt Spring and Penders islands. Then, I freelanced for the paper for a decade and a half. Many of my articles have been re-published on this blog which you can access at tealeaf56.wordpress.com and at writingsmall.wordpress.com

The following is a ‘reprint’ of my 2016 predictions for Salt Spring Island in case you missed them or do not happen live in Goddess country:

Gulf Islands Driftwood

Wednesday, December 30,

‘Fishing’ and long roads in island’s future: Predictions for Salt Spring Island in 2016

by Tanya Lester

While I made direct fair trade black loose tea to do this tea-leaf reading for Salt Spring Island 2016 predictions, I began meditating on what will stand out for the people and the island as the year unfolds.

. I immediately saw fishing. Literally, much fish and other seafood will be harvested from the ocean and lakes on Salt Spring Island. Who knows? Maybe some long-forgotten hidden treasure of gold or silver will be reeled up too.

. People will also “go fishing” for new ways to do things and new songs to tell the island’s stories. Some will continue to stay “stuck in the mud” and hostile towards positive change.

. The first image I see in the cup’s clumps of loose leaves is a long road. Some are coming a long way to settle on Salt Spring this year. Looking at it in a different way, I see the tall limb of a temperate rainforest tree with an owl perched on it. The trees are protected by wise people this year.

. A devil’s bowed head shows up. If there was no evil, we would never have to decide what is the right thing to do.

. A large check mark indicates that island politicians, who have been batting around something for a long time, will finally do it in 2016. They will take a few minutes to feel proud (the naysayers might use the work “smug”) before getting down to a huge, new project: something to do with more roads and trails.

.Speaking of roads, a long distance cross-country runner will pass through the island this year.

. Porcupines are prickly. There could be an increase of the animals on the island this year, but since porcupines are not native to Salt Spring, it could also be interpreted as “prickly” people getting things done.

. A temporary camp is set up. I would say this has the flavour of a back-to-the-land project.

. A period play is mounted on Salt Spring about an early conflict. I see it being staged outside on the harbour boardwalks.

.A small plane makes an emergency landing on Salt Spring Island.

. A bit of a renaissance in the animal kingdom is possible, with rabbits and other small mammals that have not been on the island for quite some time being spotted.

. A build-on to at least one community building takes place.


Tanya Lester lived on Salt Spring Island for almost 16 years. She is now following her true travelling spirit as a long-time psychic/intuitive and house sitter on the road. For more information, go to teareading.wordpress.com, email: tealeaf.56@gmail.com or call 250-538-0086



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