A Shnookery on the Penders

January 23, 2016

A couple of years ago, I went to Iceland. The main personalities that drew me there were the huldufolk.  They are the little people.

Of everything in the spiritual realm that I believe in (and that is plenty, let me tell you), I had never really been able to get my head around that fairies could be real since my tooth fairy days as a small child. I decided to go find out from experts about their version of fairy beings.

While there, I was taken on a tour of Hafnarfjordur, a town celebrated by its people population as being the major haunt of the huldufolk . My guide told one story after another about the little people and how they were integrated into the community.

My favourite was about how the teachers at the local school once went on strike because the huldufolk among their students meant they were teaching many more than for which they were being paid.

I will never forget the feeling of this energy like a mild wind blowing behind the calves of my legs as I started the tour. It was as if the huldufolk were urging me to go and find out about them.

A few days later, I came back to sketch the lava rocks, from numerous volcanoes, cluttered around houses and in parks throughout the town where the little people were rumoured to live. As I sketched, faces started to show themselves in my pencil drawings.

There is something magical about the place, for sure.

I had forgotten– until right now– about the magical place (or one of them anyway) on the Penders called the Shnookery:

Gulf Islands Driftwood : Pender Edition

Wedsnesday, July 5, 2000

A Shnookery on the Penders

by Tanya Lester

Even the most left-brained of island residents would have to admit that magic is synonymous with living on the Gulf Islands.

At times this magic attracts the most interesting of creatures, both of the four-legged and two-legged variety.

Until recently, Saturna had its mythical wolf-dog (God rest its snarly soul), for example.

The Penders is the natural habitat for a much gentler creature, however. This one walks on two feet.

It is of a nature that really appeals to children. They might enjoy seeking it in the islands’ many wooded areas as long as they stay on the paths that lead them back to their homes and make sure they are accompanied by adults.

The creature is known as a Shnook. Although it can be found all over the world, some people are not familiar with this animal so the Penders Edition decided to ask an expert on this particular breed.

His name is Peter Adamson, a 20-year resident of the Magic Lake Estates area, who claims there are six Schnooks.

“Shnooks sing in shady nooks of the forest in my mind, that if I share and show I care, true friends I’ll always find,” saids Adamson in some of his written material on the species. “Some demons, sprites or pigwidgeons can be downright nasty like the ones that steal your glasses and hide them somewhere else…Shnooks are helpful and if you’re quick, you might see them.”

One of these special creatures is Samuel J. Shnook, a fearless leader of courage and determination.

Another is Arabella Shnook who is filled with compassion and generosity.

Uncle Jonas Shnook is usually seen with a book of philosophy under his arm. This is his area of expertise. He tolds a Ph.D in it. Wisdom and humility are his special personality traits.

Ole Miss Hagstone exudes honesty and diligence while Humbert is filled up to the brim with dependability and patience.

Esmeralda is the one that Adamson calls a “real sweetheart” as she radiates good humour and optimism not unlike Adamson himself.

As a specialist on Shnooks, Adamson has documented some of his findings on the creatures in a book called Melanie’s Choice. In the book, he also discusses they Shnooks’ primary adversary.

This being is called Groober who is also known as a Greed or — put more bluntly — as a loser. Groober often disguises itself in respectable clothes and may trick many into believing her or she is a pillar of society.

“The evil in society is the dirty work of the Greeds,” wrote Adamson. “Groober and his ilk grasp for riches, money and power. These guys get their comeuppance in the end — guaranteed!”

A Shnookery is a spot Greeds tend to avoid but is a natural dwelling place for Shnooks. It is “a goal or life accomplishment”; “a place for sharing knowledge and experience” or “a location from memorabilia and laurels.”

Adamson has a Shnookery set up in his woods. It doubles as an art gallery because another of his passions is drawing.

The Shnookery is also a place on the Penders where groups have been known to hold lectures and meetings or see films.

Before Adamson discovered the Penders he worked as a producer in the audio-visual field. He created films that national and international companies used in staff training, advertising and public relations.

Living in Toronto at the time, these companies solicited Adamson’s work. Other occupations in which he exercised his talents ranged from portrait photography and advertising illustrations to theatre and music.

Adamson continues to write. Observations of an Ordinary Man is a collection of commentaries on everyday occurrences.

He has outlined six more books about the Shnooks which will get done someday in between his oil paintings, which often focus on fantasy and humour, and acting as host for the many community groups who use his Garden Room. He refers to these gatherings as “good people getting together.”

It takes one to know one…..



Read more of the varied posts featuring Tanya’s writing by going to tealeaf56.wordpress.com and writingsmall.wordpress.com

Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader (can be purchased from the author or http://www.amazon.com), Friends I Never Knew, Dreams and Tricksters, and Women Rights/Writes. These books can be found in some library systems and the last three are in the Legislative Library of Manitoba.

Tanya is also a tea leaf reader, tarot reader, medium, psychic channel and intuitive counsellor. She is a reiki master and a professional housesitter. For more, go to her website at teareading.wordpress.com , Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google. You can contact her directly at tealeaf.56@gmail.com or call 250-538-0086.





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