Canada’s birthday celebrated all day and into the night

January 26, 2016

Gloomy, soggy day in Paradise aka anywhere on or around Vancouver and the Gulf Islands; for me specifically in Nanaimo, BC on Departure Bay where I am house sitting and watching the ferries come and go.

Good time to fast forward to when things are more like Paradise around here: the summer time and specifically to July 1 aka Canada Day:

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Penders Edition

July 5, 2000

Canada’s birthday celebrated all day and into the night

by Tanya Lester

Thanks to a discussions that started last Remembrance Day, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #239 actively celebrated Canada Day Saturday for the first time in recent years.

The activities began at 11 a.m. with a Legion “colour party” of members marching in full uniform, led by the Pender Highlanders Pipe Band, to the cenotaph on the MacKinnon Road Legion grounds.

The flag was raised to approximately 50 voices singing O Canada before those in attendance went back to the Legion building.

Once there, they consumed watermelon, representing the red in the Canadian flag, and vanilla ice cream to symbolize the white, said organizer Diane Carroll. Hot doges were also devoured.

Carroll, who has been a Legion member for five years, said discussion among a few members to organize a Canada Day event began last November 11.

It appears that over 300 people who attended the Red and White Dance at the Community Hall share Carroll’s sentiments.

According to lisaj lander, a hall management committee member, the dance was a “fabulous success” with local band Thin Ice performing.

lander pointed out that a test of whether a band is good or not is how many people up for the first song, she said. The floor was packed with people for the rest of the night.

The red and white decorations included 400 balloons and streamers along with dozens of flags and Canada pins. A red and white cake was cut during the festivities with everyone joining in to the Thin Ice version of O Canada.

lander said those in attendance represented a wonderful mix of all ages, families and socio-economic groups. There were at least 60 to 80 volunteers, many of whom “worked like dogs” to ensure the fundraising event for hall operations turned out to be an excellent beginning-of-summer event. These efforts are very much appreciated, said larder.

larder was still tallying up the profits for the hall on Monday.


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