Many activities held by Club 50 members

February 16, 2016

At 60 years old, I  really do not think that I will ever have to join a club because I feel I am not active enough. There not enough hours in the day for me to meditate, do reiki, do chi gong, go for a walk , do psychic readings and publicity for them, write and blog, read and watch good television and movies as well as listen to the radio while I create my meals after going out to shop for food and other things I need and want.  I travel a lot as well.

These are all things that I love and I am a much better, balanced person with them. Every week I also spend some time with friends and, when, he is open to it, once every two months I visit with my son.

Yet I can understand people who work a full time mainstream job for decades might very well wonder what “the heck” he or she is going to do when it is time to wind down and then retire from a large chunk of life working at one job or even one career for seven or eight hours a day (or longer) for 5 days a week (or longer).

The following article focuses on how a club can be a bit of a life line to people who might other wise ‘die of boredom’ and/or ‘ die of being alone’:

Gravelbourg Gazette

February 9, 1983

Many activities held by Club 50 members

by Tanya Lester

Question: Who has collected special recipes for a cook book, plays low card rummy at 10 cents a game, sings at a music festival, sells raffle tickets for a crippled children’s fund, and has renovated an old movie theatre?

If you guessed the Lafleche Club 50 members, then you were absolutely right. For the Lafleche Club 50 has done or is still participating in the above list of activities and more.

Therese Masse, the Club’s secretary-treasurer, has beeen with the organization since it was in its planning stages in 1975. Mrs. Masse explained the Club began to form shortly after New Horizons representatives began approaching the town’s senior citizns in September of that year.

After a board of 10 directors was established, with Gilbert Dumelie being the first president, the seniors did a lot of work to renovate the old movie theatre on Montcalm St. which was donated to the Club by the town. There were also donations totalling $6000 and furniture contributions including a stove, refrigerator, drapes, piano and coffee pot.

Mrs. Masse said Club members leveled the floor, insulated the walls, painted the building and did all other necessary work except the installation of electrical wiring and constructing the ceiling. Last summer, new siding was placed on the outside of the building.

Now the Lafleche Club 50 has about 100 members. The new president is William Devrome and the vice-president is Ted Myers. Everyday there are activities taking place at the building. “A lot of people say they wouldn’t know what to do without it,” Mrs. Masse said.

For example, Tuesday afternoon is bridge day. Every second Tuesday evening is dance night with the Hardwood Orchestra playing old time fiddle music.

On Thursday, the senior citizens singing group, the Orielies, hold practises. They perform during the Christmas season and are currently getting ready for the annual music festival in Lafleche. Mrs. Masse said the Club 50 had a Grandma Orchestra in the past.

A recipe book for which Mrs. Masse collected recipes has sold 600 copies for the Club and there are still 150 copies left to sell at $3.50 a piece. The book, called “Favorite Recipes of Past and Present Days” provides a host of Lafleche senior residents’ recipes including such delicacies as Gilberte Chabot’s Oyster and Turkey Stew. Those who would like to buy a copy of the Club 50’s book can contact Mrs. Masse.

Also, in the line of food, the Club 50 has about four chicken suppers a year. They get a caterer to handle the food so they can enjoy themselves. The seniors take suppers to those who cannot get down to the Club or offer them rides to the event.

Each supper is followed by an evening of entertainment — bingos, card games, a program, and a dance.

Each day, the Club is being used for card, shuffleboard and pool games. And the Club is presently selling raffle tickets for the Saskatchewan Easter Seal Fund fo crippled children and adults.

Mrs. Masse said there has also been some talk of developing the half lot the Club owns into a lawn bowling center.

In summary, Mrs. Masse siad the Club provides the seniors with activities or else they “would have nothing to do.” She said the Lafleche Club 50 and the Gravelbourg Rendez-Vous often attend each other’s events. Mrs. Masse issues a warm welcome to any seniors in the area who would like to attend the Lafleche Club 50’s events.


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