New Passage

April 1, 2016

The following is a poem celebrating my decision to birth a child, who turned out to be my son Luke, almost thirty years ago in Cyprus when I was half as old as I am now:

New Passage

I entered a new passage

Called Decision

That night

On the flat roof

Of the middle east


A white building


Grecian archways

Sky cupped


An overturned chalice

Dripping original

Midnight blue

Stars bright

Birthday cake sparklers

The universe

A witness

In my decision

To have a child


The unknown

A babyanya

Descending into

The birth canal

— Tanya Lester



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Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader (you can purchase it from the author or from, Dreams and Tricksters, Women Rights/Writes and Friends I Never Knew. These books are available in some libraries and the last three are in the Legislative Library of Manitoba.hi

Tanya does intuitive/psychic readings (tea leaf reading, tarot, medium, psychic channel and Russian gypsy card reading) and is a house sitter. To find out more about her work and get a reading or have her do a house sit for you, contact her at or call 250-538-0086. Her website is and she has pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.




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