Poll on changing street names

April 6, 2016

I always enjoy street names like the ones behind Terminal Mall in Nanaimo, BC. These ones are named after trees including Poplar and Cypress.

When I am trying to get somewhere in a city that I do not know well, though, I must admit that I prefer street numbers.

I know, I know, nowadays we have MapQuest, Google Maps and GPS, etc. to help guide us to our destinations but these devices make mistakes, too.

The following is a story on tiny Lafleche, in southern Saskatchewan, voting to decide whether to make street name changes or not:

Gravelbourg Gazette — Lafleche News

October 19, 1983

Poll on changing street names

by Tanya Lester

Lafleche residents have the opportunity to register their opinions concerning the town’s street name changes issue on Wednesday, October 27 which is the same day voters go to the polls to elect a new Mathieu Separate School Board.

At last Thursday’s Lafleche town council meeting, details were worked out for conducting the poll. Any resident who is 18 years old or over will be able to indicate his or her choice of three options listed on the poll form.

Other voting eligibility criteria waived because this is an opinion poll and not a binding vote. To express an opinion a resident does not have to be a Canadian citizen or have resided in the area for at least six months, it was decided. The town council is not bound to act in accordance with the poll.

Lafleche residents can indicate their preferences of the three street name changes options from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on October 27. Town elections will not be held on that day as the mayor and council have been acclaimed to office.

Notice of the opinion poll was totreet na be sent out to residents along with their water bills.r

In a following telephone interview, Walter Baran, town clerk told the Gazette that Lafleche residents could indicate their preferences of : changing Montcalm Street to Main Street and changing street names such as Cartier, Laurier, and Montreal to numbers while keeping street nameamas inspired by local pioneers ; or changing all the street names to numbers; or keeping all of the streets as they now are named.

Mr. Baran said the idea to change the street names to numbers came about to make it easier for people entering town to find any particular street. According to the Community Planning Branch in Regina, this would be the best approach to take.

Several towns in the area, including Gravelbourg and Hodgeville, use the numbered street system….


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