Reiki: The healing touch that brings out the best in each of us

April 8, 2016

I am a spiritual junkie. As far as I am concerned, this is the best thing to be hooked on.

Recently, I have become hooked on doing silent meditation in a group led by a Hindu priest.

For years I hagnhen Ave also been hooked on attending the Spiritualist Church because I really enjoy receiving messages from those in the afterlife spirit world who are interested in my well being. I also enjoy getting hands-on healing there.

The healing done at Spiritualist churches around the world reminds me of reiki. I am a reiki master who has been giving and receiving this form of hands-on as well as long distance healing for around 25 years now. This is my longest addiction.

Of course, I am writing this with ‘my tongue firmly in my cheek’ because when we tap in to the spiritual realm, it is more wonderful than anything else that we feel. The fact that it is spiritual makes it much better than any addiction we have or have had.

The following is a story I once wrote about another reiki practitioner :

The Barnacle

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Reiki: The healing touch that brings out the best in each of us

by Tanya Lester

When Agni Wilson’s name comes up in conversation, eyes light up and smiles form on people’s lips. There’s something about her: a warmth and a calming energy that’s hard to explain. Just like it’s difficult to explain what reiki — the healing technique that Agni has practiced for over a decade– is.

Agni first experienced reiki over 17 years ago when she was eight months pregnant and in great need for relief from discomfort. The reiki practitioner put her hands on Agni atnd her “own hands became electrified with energy.”

Then, when her son was six months old, there came an early morning when Agni was frantic to reduce her baby’s high fever. In the communal household where they were living in Vancouver, she knew a woman who practiced reiki and she carried her baby into the woman’s room for a treatment. “I saw this red, fitful, crying baby suddenly become calm and go into a deep meditative state,” she said. “I thought: I want to learn how to do that.”

Over the next few years, Agni went through the process of learning the first and second levels of reiki before becoming a Reiki Master.

“I feel the reiki comes to us directly from the source, whatever that source may be,” she said. “What happens when we give a session is the person gets in touch with his or her source. The energy comes through me but I get out of the way.

“Reiki is letting go of the ego. That’s why I don’t think of myself as a healer. I may be a link for people to get in touch with their own healing.”

In serving as a reiki link, Agni has witnessed much healing in others. One client came to her with excruciating back pain which was elevated when he started emotionally processing childhood memories that “came up for him” during reiki sessions.

“As practiced reik more, I started feeling the energy of people and what they were holding,” Agni said.

One woman’s energy was being held in by a restrictive marriage. Another client got over her fear of being touched through reiki sessions with Agni.H

Reiki is integrated into Agni’s daily life. While in Mozambique, Africa, where her husband Howard Wilson worked as Consul and for CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), Agni “started getting more in tune with the guidance of the reiki energy”. Today, if she gets a scratch working in her garden where she lives  on Upper Ganges Road, she immediately applies her “reiki hands”. The same goes for a bee sting or when an acquaintance mentions that she has a headache.

Growing up in Jamaica, of African and Scottish descent, natural healing was an accepted practice among members of her extended family. When she or one of her two older sisters were sick, it was her grandmother (and not the doctor) who was sent for.

One of Agni’s sisters often got boils. Her grandmother prepared a poultice which included hot pepper leaves. For colds, the remedy was eucalyptus tied in a hanky knot. Agni remembers reaching for this on her pillow at night and inhaling it to breathe more freely. Cleansing with enemas was also part of the family’s approach to balanced health. All techniques commonly used by natural healers today throughout the world.

Agni believes the role of the medical doctor is important especially for diagnosis but believes we often give away our own power to heal ourselves when we go to one. She visits a doctor if she has an infection she wants to have “cleared up” and for blood tests. For other ailments, she tries reiki and homeopathic treatments first. According to Agni, to touch is a natural response to pain that goes back to our childhood when we respond to an “ouchie” by immediately putting our hand on it.

“I would like to see reiki treatments go more hand in hand with medical treatments (including in hospitals and care facilities) because there’s something about touch that makes people feel more loved,” Agni said.

At Skin Sensations, where Agni works, there is a monthly reiki circle which brings together practitioners and those wishing to experience a treatment. Agni likes to remind people that it works on many levels and a person does not need to feel ill to benefit from it.

Reiki is about love and it brings out the best in each one of us.


Tanya is reiki master and uses this energy in her work as a psychic counsellor (tea leaf reading, tarot, gypsy card reading, psychic channel, medium) and as a house sitter. To access her services contact her at or 250-538-0086 or go to or her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.

Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader (can be purchased from the author or by going to, Friends I Never Knew, Women Rights/Writes and Dreams and Tricksters.

These books are available in some public libraries and the last three are in the Legislative Library of Manitoba.

To read more posts on a wide range of topics on this e, go to or


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