Student wins poetry contest

April 29, 2016

Winning a contest as a student stays with you for the rest of your life.

For me it was winning an art contest at the Catholic school I attended in grade school for a few months in Quinton, Saskatchewan.

The prize was for a picture I had drawn of a nun ministering to a patient in a hospital bed and coloured with crayon.

It was unique with pieces of shiny white ribbon that I used for the floor tiles so, of course, this pleased me very much.

It also meant that I had been accepted even though I was a Protestant. This meant a lot to me because I really liked my teacher, Sister Ruth, who was always smiling and filled with light.

The following article is about a student who won a poetry contest in another small Saskatchewan community a generation after I won my art prize:

Borderland Reporter

March 23, 1983

Student wins poetry contest

by Tanya Lester

Louise Giraudier, a grade 11 student at Willow Bunch School, has won a Royal Canadian Legion poetry contest, in the Senior Poem category, icon both the zone and district level.

For the Remembrance Day Message”, Ms. Giraudier was awarded a plaque at the zone level in which there were nine student entrants from the Assiniboia, Rockglen, Coronach, Willow Bunch and Mossbank area.

Ms. Giraudier’s poem that went on to be judged at the district level which is a large chunk of southern Saskatchewan extended from the east,west, and southern borders and including Swift Current. For winning at this level, the young poet received a $25.00 cheque and a certificate.

Everett Klein, a Royal Canadian Legion contest judge for the district level, said Ms. Giraudier’s poem has now gone on to the provincial level for judging as has an essay written by Chad Cornil of Assiniboia. The winners at that level , in both the senior poem and senior essay sections, will then compete at the federal level.

The federal level winners will lay a wreath, on behalf of Canada’s students, on the cenotaph in Ottawa during next year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, Mr. Klein said. The poetry and essay contest entrants had a deadline of November 11, 1982 but the judging is taking place, at different levels, throughout 1983 culminating in the student wreath laying on Remembrance Day, 1983.

Ms. Giraudier has been writing poetry for some time now but has preferred to write the poems for herself rather than for public viewing. “I usually write to someone (a particular person) and I don’t want everyone to read it,” she said.

Ms. Giraudier said she likes to write a poem when she gets inspired and has some difficulty writing poetry on demand. But she said that she did not have such problems writing the entry for the Legion contest….
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