Island music meets the world on Internet

August 24, 2016

It was around the turn of the century, in 2000, the world technically became a global village when it came to music.

As a traveller, I love being in Europe, for example, and having the ability to ‘pick up’ CBC Radio in Canada on my laptop.

The following story is about one Pender family’s involvement in the pioneering days of music on a global level:

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Penders Edition

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Island music meets the world on Internet

by Tanya Lester

Feel like clicking on some Gulf Islands music?

If “Living on an island/Living in the middle of the deep blue sea” are lyrics that resonate with you, try:

Gulf Islands Internet Radio pops up onto your screen in vibrant technicolor.

Unlike traditional radio, you have a list of song choices. Click onto one and the music with moving video comes on. Another click and the lyrics spring up.

It was an idea just waiting to happen and it has taken the infectious enthusiasm of long-time pop musicians and partners Ricci and EunHee O’Reilly to bring the multi-media concept to fruition.

Ricci’s goal is to establish a vehicle to feature Pender and other Gulf Islands musicians on the Internet’s global showcase.

Local musicians who want to be considered for the option of ‘air time’ should not be shy about contacting Ricci as his station is just getting off the ground.

Hesitating is probably not advised as things have been moving forward quickly for Ricci and EunHee, along with their 10-year-old daughter Natasha.

The couple launched not one but two CDs of their original music and lyrics within a month of each other. Living on an Island was released last December and Prisoner in Paradise was their contribution to New Year 2000 celebrations at the community hall.

The O’Reillys produced the CDs with professional equipment and local musicians in their modest home studio on Reef Road. They view what they did as a milestone for independent musicians who do not have the thousands of dollars needed to have a CD made in a music industry studio.

The Internet Song from Prisoner in Paradise, featuring EunHee’s vocals, has made it onto MTV.

……to be continued in next post




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