Island music meets the world on Internet continued…

August 25, 2016

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Penders Edition

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Island music meets the world on Internet continued…

by Tanya Lester

Another of their tunes, Miss You, has been purchased by a Czech Republic television program.

“See the spider, you’re the fly/The web is waiting…so am I/Chase the spider, click the mouse” are some of The Internet Song lyrics, reflecting the O’Reilly’s strong conversion to the benefits of using this electronic medium as a marketing tool.

Ricci explained that whenever anyone clicks onto one of their 21 songs for sale, on the Internet company, MP3, at http://www.mp3.arqucome/ricci, the couple receives royalities with the quarterly payments being made to them. Of course, they also sell their CDs through MP3 and nine other sites on the Internet, as well as personally marketing them at Pender craft sales.

Their songs are available through other Internet radio stations including Radio Free Oregon, Karma Farm Universe and Mountain WNDS.

According to Ricci, the trick is to send tunes out to a variety of stations. Personnel at the stations who listen to and like the couple’s music will put it on their line-up.

“Getting savvy” on the Internet is a relatively recent development for the couple who met in the 1970s when both were in pop bands. EunHee, who is from Korea, was touring Canada on a visitor’s visa with the band she was in when she met Ricci in Peterborough, Ontario. He tried out for a gig with the Korean group and ended up married to EunHee four months later.

The couple did the bar circuit for years, performing other musicians’ Top 40 tunes. In 1994, they moved from Seoul, Korea to Pender where Ricci got work as an ambulance driver.

They were presented with the challenge of not being able to travel as freely in a band due to the expense of getting anywhere when living on a small island.

“We decided to dig in and do something here,” said Ricci.

The result was that they started to write their own songs and lyrics, make their own cassettes and CDs, in addition to learning about how the Internet can get music out to a global listening audience.

The couple’s daughter Natasha has been following in her creative parents’ footsteps with original songs and poems that Ricci backs up with music.

The words to many of the O’Reilly girl’s pieces feature aspects of Gulf Islands living. For example, in Paradise, there are lines that go: “In the field the ladybug is sitting on two pieces of grass/When she flies away a new baby is born into the hands of its new mother and father/ The ladybug will do this again and again.”

While their daughter is growing up, the couple finds they do more family-oriented music as well……


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