Knowledge is good but this is better


November 1, 2016

A few years ago when I was travelling in Iceland (an amazing country; you should go), I was strolling along the streets of Reykjavik, the tiny capital city, when I ran into a traffic jam. It was a parade of black vintage cars each inhabited with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd lookalikes of all shapes and sizes. They were dressed in black hats, suits and sunglasses like the two stars in The Blues Brothers movie hit.

I asked a couple on the crowded sidewalk what was going on and found out they were celebrating a significant anniversary of the film’s debut. As always happens when I am in a different country than my own, my chest swelled with the mention of others celebrating Canada. I wanted to run around and tell people, “Hey, they are both Canadians and so am I.”

But my love for the two stems from the days of Animal House, in which Belushi outdid himself in a college food fight scene as the grossest comedian alive. He reinvented an act that has been emulated for decades by students who need to let lose.

Here is the review I did of the movie in the University of Winnipeg student newspaper:

The Uniter

? 1978

Knowledge is good but this is better

by Tanya Lester

Remember when smoking dope was a ritual performed behind locked doors? Remember when sex was the “dirty deed”?

In National Lampoon’s Animal House, director John Landis and company unmercifully ridicule these memories.

Animal House, set in Faber College in 1962, is the scene of a feud between two fraternities. Omega House’s members are beautifully built, All – American men (the kind you always hate). The other frat, Delta House is filled with lovable booze drinking, window smashing, male rioters.

The college is equipped with the typical iron fisted dean (John Vernon) and subversive hippy prof (Donald Sutherland). The picture is rounded out by a couple of blond cheerleaders.

Though his wife does not seem to share his views, Dean Wormer decides to ban the Delta house frat from his campus. He enlists the Omega House members to do his dirty work.

Unluckily for them, Delta House has Bluto (John Belushi, of television’s Saturday Night Live) on their side. Bluto instigates a plot that climaxes with the shooting of an Omega’s horse in a certain office. His imitation of a zit initiates a food fight in the cafeteria. After the Delta members are expelled from the college, he rouses his fellow to seek revenge. This ends the show on a more hilarious note, if possible, than its previous scenes have reached.

It takes high calibre acting to pull off a comedy like this one. Animal House has the actors who can do it. The inscription on the statue in front of Faber College reads “Knowledge is Good”, but the characters in Animal House realize that there are better things in life. Go and see it — at least once.


Today, Tanya is a psychic who specializes in tea leaf reading and tarot as well as a reiki master and fulltime house sitter. You can find out more by going to her web at or her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. Or contact her directly at or call 250-538-0086.

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