Board considers Theme for Exposure

November 17, 2016

In a recent previous post, I published the article I wrote about the fallout from the Exposure event, at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) in 1978, due to some people feeling the event organizer was extremely pro Quebec separating from the rest of Canada.

I have to admit, I was surprised to be reminded that so many U of W student council members were opposed to the organizer’s bias because so many Canadian students at that time were supportive of , if not Quebec separating, the province’s right to self-determination. Rene Levesque, the Quebec premier, was viewed as having a left of centre and even socialist view for his province.

As I write this in 2016, for many years now, the bid for Quebec separation has been one much more championed by the province’s business people than those leaning to the left. The Prime Minister Trudeau referred to in the piece was the father, Pierre Elliot, of our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This is the article about the Exposure (note: no doubt calling the event Exposure, alludes to the 40 degrees below freezing Winnipeg winter) event in the planning stages before it became controversial at the U of W:

The Uniter

Wednesday, September 27, 1978

Board considers Theme for Exposure

by Tanya Lester

Exposure, the annual winter festival at the University of Winnipeg (U of W), may have a theme this year.

“The proposed theme is ‘Quebec…The People and Their Aspirations.’

Barry Weisleder, a Winnipeg organizer of such events, has approached the University of Winnipeg Students Association (UWSA) Board of Directors with a proposal centered around the above mentioned theme.

In previous years, Exposure has consisted of a few movies, speakers, and art displays having no inter-related theme. Bill Scarlet, UWSA Program Director, feels the proposal, if accepted, could help eliminate the “small town college” stigma attached to the U of W.

If the proposal is agreed upon, Exposure could be a forum for political personages and entertainers from Quebec and Western Canada. Public figures such as Premier Rene Levesque, Prime Minister Trudeau,hockey play Ken Dryden, cartoonist Aislin, and James Richardson, Member of Parliament.

Scarlett maintains that UWSA Board of Directors would not be taking a side on the Quebec question but would be “providing the form for opinion on the issue”. 1979 being election year will stimulate interest on the topic.

Wayne Anderson, UWSA Treasurer, believe “students would be getting their money’s worth” if the proposal is accepted. Initially, Exposure would cost the UWSA 600 dollars. Further funds would be contributed by Winnipeg businesses and organizations.

Bill Scarlett does not seem perturbed the same proposal was turned down as the theme for the University of Manitoba’s Festival of Life and Learning. He believes the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) Directors had to decide if they wanted a “strawberry or banana milkshake” when they chose urbanization, for their festival’s theme, instead of the Quebec issue.

Ken Macdonald, UMSU Program Director, felt there was “basically nothing wrong” with the Quebec issue proposal. He felt that urbanization was a better theme for the University of Manitoba’s festival because it would interest a wider range of facilities. He praised Barry Weisleder as a very capable organizer.


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