An Ombudsperson for Security?

November 18, 2016

Security at a university. I wonder what security at some universities is like today in the age of ‘flash’ terrorism attacks, the generations old sexual assaults and bullying that are starting to be taken more seriously.

In the 1970s, I think organizing student committees to advise university security departments was in its infancy. At that time, we were dealing with students killed in the crossfire especially in the United States during protests against the Vietnam War as Neil Young lamented in “Four Dead in Ohio”.

Still the article I wrote on this topic was little more than an announcement:

The Uniter
Wednesday, September 27, 1978
An Ombudsperson for Security?
by Tanya Lester

A Student Ombudsperson Committee will be organized, in the near future, to advise the University of Winnipeg Security Department.

The committee will serve as a vehicle for students’ suggestions and complaints concerning security at the U of W.

Fred Cross, Director of Security at the U of W, wishes to see representatives from any organization on campus on the committee. This would include two members each from the Collegiate, Sparling Hall, Graham Hall, and the U of W Students Association (one member from the Board of Directors and a member from the United).

Cross feels it is important “to deal with students through students.” He hopes the Student Ombudsperson Committee will provide effective advice dealing with “grey area” security problems — problems in which it is difficult to judge if the student is breaking security regulations.

Last year, a security guard called the Winnipeg Police when a student refused to produce his U of W student identification. The committee could prevent similar incidents in the future.


Tanya is a psychic counselor who specializes in tea leaf reading, tarot and psychic channeling. She is also a fulltime live-in housesitter and a reiki master. She loves what she does. You might, too. For more information go to her web site at or to her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. Or contact her directly at or 250-538-0086.

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