Competing against noise in Riddell

November 20, 2016

Many people say that university prepares one for life in ‘the real world’. It did for me but not in the way that many might think.

I started to practise transcendental meditation in university. This opened the door to the many positive spiritual practises that I have or continue to practise now including reiki and chi gong as well as attending silent meditation retreats. These practises have kept me sane and well balanced. They have elevated my spiritual and psychic growth to many wonderful ‘high’ times in my life. They have encouraged me to live well in this life and prepare for magnificent transition into the ‘afterlife’ when my body dies.

I also became an activist for feminist and social causes of all sorts in my attempt to contribute to make the world as good as it can possibly be.

When I was once approached by the NDP to run for political office, I said I would prefer to spiritually counsel people in government office than to run for office. I still believe that if all levels of government opened each day of their sessions in meditation that the negative forces in life would cease and desist.

The following article is about those running for a student association by-election in 1978 at the University of Winnipeg. Many people probably assume that running for university student office or working on the student newspaper is a forerunner to running for public office after graduation.

I do not think most of the people I knew from university student politics days ever ran for public office later in life with the exception of Michael McEvoy who headed the school board in Victoria, BC for a number of years.

If anyone reading this knows differently, please let me know.

It could be that many involved in university politics become disillusioned and cynical early in life and avoid running for election ever again.

One is for sure that even these young politicians had a way of being vague when they stated why they wanted to run and what they would do if they ran. Here is the article:

The Uniter
? 1978
Competing against noise in Riddell
by Tanya Lester

This Thursday, students will go to the polls to elect two new Directors at Large (DAL) to the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) Board of Directors.

The election is being held to replace Don McLaughlin and Sig Laser, who resigned this September.

Competing against the noise in Riddell Cafeteria, the candidates presented their platforms and answered questions on Tuesday.

Terry Madden is running to “not change the system but make it better.” If elected, he intends to investigate the “non-profit bookstore” to determine whether it is non-profit. He would like to establish a sleep-room at the University of Winnipeg (U of W). He feels The Uniter should not be autonomous if the students would “have no control” over it. Madden is a member of the UWSA Cutbacks Committee.

Fred Robertson decided to run because “post-secondary education at the University of Winnipeg is in a lot of trouble.” He feels the U of W has ignored the students in its residences. He said it was “obscene” that 80 foreign students might be forced to leave the U of W if they fail to pay mandatory medical fees. Robertson wants to change the class representative system which he feels has ” been a joke in past years.” He believes a student fee strike would be the most effective way to deal with student fee increases and cutbacks. He intends to “fight against cutbacks.” When questioned about Uniter autonomy, he said, “If there’s danger of the Uniter being a house organ then something should be done about it.”

John Stewart wants the position of DAL because he is “interested in the job.” He feels “participation in student government” can change the U of W. He is concerned about the student cutbacks effect on the UWSA budget. He thinks students should take a serious look at the three thousand dollar cutback for speakers at the U of W. He thinks the possibility of United autonomy is a feasible one “if there are enough reasons” to make autonomy valid.

Alix Venema decided to run because she feels there is “more to post-secondary” education than listening to professors ramble on.” If elected, she will “act as a channel between the Board of Directors and the students.” She feels she can do this by going up to students and asking their opinions. She said, when questioned about the Women’s Awareness Centre, that she had heard about it and would look into it, if elected.


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