Pave paradise and put up a … a skating rink

November 23, 2016

This morning I was listening to ‘q’ on CBC Radio. Tom North, the host, was interviewing Gordon Lightfoot at his home in Toronto.

North said that when he and his crew were standing at the top musician door, they joked that musical strains of Sundown, one of his mega-hits, might resound from the door bell when pushed.

It leads me to speculate: Suzanne could have greeted people at Leonard Cohen’s door and Old Man might echo out of Neil Young’s buzzer.

And, what about Joni Mitchell? One time I remember an environmental activist on Salt Spring Island, BC (where I lived for 16 years) referred to “paving paradise” when she protested a large amount of tree removal to put up a conclave of condos.

Apparently, Joni Mitchell herself has a place near the part of the island that was being referred to so referencing one of her songs was even more appropriate.

The following is a very short piece that I wrote at the University of Winnipeg that ‘begged’ a headline alluded to the fabulous Joni Mitchell:

The Uniter

? 1978

Pave paradise and put up a … skating rink?

This winter, University of Winnipeg students will be skating, not parking their cars, on the lot at Ellice and Spence.

The City of Winnipeg decided against re-zoning the area for a parking lot said Shelly Greschuk, Director at Large (DAL) on the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA). Because it was meant for public use, students had no guarantee of parking space or jobs as parking attendants. Commercial rates would have been charged.

Instead of leaving the lot vacant for the winter, Greschuk said, the Board of Directors decided the area would “be most beneficial” as a skating rink. It might be made into a park next summer.

The skating rink will not be monopolized by “hockey jocks”. Greschuk suggested go to the UWSA student offices with problems regarding the rink.

“If you’re a student, you pay your student fees, so you can use the skating rink,” said Greschuk.


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