Looking forward at ’83

December 23, 2016

If you read this today as I write this, you might be quite exhausted doing last minute Christmas shopping or ice skating or getting drunk with friends.

On the heels of Christmas is the New Year when people reflect on what they during the year that is metaphorically dying and make resolutions of some of the highlights they hope will happen to them in the new year.

So what were some of the events for you in say…1982, if in fact you were born?

I was working on a small daily newspaper (more pages though than the four pages nowadays that often serve as a wraparound for ads from local businesses) in Gravelbourg south of Moose Jaw which is south of Regina in southern Saskatchewan.

So what were some of the 1982 highlights that the mayor of Gravelbourg remembered and what did he anticipate for 1983?

Read on:

The Gravelbourg Gazette
Wednesday, January 5, 1983
Looking forward at ’83
by Tanya Lester

Recently Mayor Guy Dauphinais discussed accomplishments the town council has achieved over the past year and some council plans for 1983.

The year 1982 saw the opening and near completion of the recreational complex, The Palestre. Mr. Dauphinais predicts that the Palestre will be finished this year.

The lounge, bar, and two dressing rooms as well as the ceiling in the waiting room should be completed. An air duct or fresh air system to better circulate the air in the complex will be installed also.

By November, 1982 a 300,000 gallon water storage tank was in place as an addition to the original 120,000 gallon water storage tank. This will eliminate any restrictions on, for example, watering lawns in the summer and will ensure there is a ready supply of water in the case of a major fire.

The quality of the water should also improves, according to Mr. Daughinais, as the additional water will no longer so heavily tax the filtering system. In 1983, the town will continue to monitor the quality of the water supply, Mr. Dauphinais said. It may be time to replace the filtering system with a new one, also.

In the 1982 year, the town developed residential lots on the east side of Gravelbourg. Mr. Dauphinais said that although the town’s population has increased only slightly, it seems the number of people living in one dwelling has decreased thus creating a need for more housing. In addition, all rental dwellings in town are filled in capacity.

Mr. Dauphinais believes the town will again be looking at different areas around Gravelbourg in order to increase the number of residential sub-divisions during 1983.

Also, the direction in which further development will be expanded must be determined. This would add to the 15 residential lots that the town now owns and will allow the town to keep ahead of the town to keep ahead of the demand or they will be “caught flatfooted otherwise”, Mr. Dauphinais said.

Mr. Dauphinais expects industrial and commerical development will be stepped up over the next year. A new Industrial Development Committee has been established on town council. This should mean the council will be stepped up over the next year. A new Industrial Development Committee has been established on town council. This should mean the council will be more actively committed to attracting new industry rather than merely “following up leads”, Mr. Dauphinais indicated…

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