December 24, 2016

I am so glad that as I head into my 61st birthday in January I no longer think everything was negative or is negative about the family I grew up in.

I could have realized this sooner than I did. When my son was small, my mother told me she thought I would understand how difficult it is to be a mother (aka what she went through) and stop being angry with her about the past.

I guess you don’t let go of anger until you let go of it. This, after all, is also going with the flow of things. Sometimes the flow is processing anger.

Riding waves is challenging but it makes us stronger. It makes us understand how life delivers.

Here is a poem:

Contemporary Verse 2
Spring 1992
by Tanya Lester


When we were kids, we three, my sisters and I
Rode the waves in the sea called Lake Winnipeg
On the backs of grey logs
Hammerhead sharks, scrambling armadillos, grey ponies

But when the waves stormed, crashed putrid yellow
Our mounts bucked, foamed at the mouth, whinnied for safety in their barns

Disgusted, we tossed them aside
Rode the waves with our strong bare thighs

Two decades or more later
I rode those waves again
Tossed aside tubes and clamps
Galloped away from cold, hard, grey knives
Crashed over the pains of labour
Delivered myself
And a brown eyed baby.


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Tanya’s books are Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader, Friends I Never Knew (both can be purchased from the author or amazon.com), Dreams and Tricksters and Women Rights/Writes.

Tanya works as a psychic (doing tea leaf readings, tarot, etc.) and housesits full time. She is also a reiki master. Her website is teareading.wordpress.com and she has pages on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Her email is tealeaf.56@gmail.com and her cell phone number is 250-538-0086.


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