If He was a Woman they’d say He’s having one of his Moods

December 26, 2016

Having a sense of humour is a survival tool. Enough said.

Here’s the poem:

Contemporary Verse 2
Spring 1994
If He was a Woman they’d say He’s having one of his Moods
by Tanya Lester

Today he’s… If he was a woman they’d say he’s having one
of his moods but he’s five years old and, come to think of
it, it started yesterday when he tugged on the corner of my
jacket, looked me straight in the eye, and asked, “What’s
his name?”, tipping his head in the direction of a guy with
whom I was politely discoursing. “Scott,” I say, still naive
after all these five crazy years. “Stupid Scott,” he says and
belches into his Diet Pepsi (I know, I know: what kind of a
mother would allow her child to suck on all that aspartame?
but that’s another story.) right when everyone else is quiet,
listening to all the speeches it being a book launch. And,
of course, he’s wearing his siren voice. It is a voice I
recognize. It shot out of my own throat when I informed a
cabinet minister she was selling out during a pro-choice
rally. It broke the silence when I told this guy he was a
jerk for giving my sisters and me the finger through the
side window for his T-bird at a Take Back the Night March.
Now it is reverberating back at me and I think maybe the
Goddess is an unliberated man after all and he’s sent Luke,
his little messenger, down to torture me, Just to get even.
But tonight I catch him telling his friend, as they stir up
a cauldron of something that looks like it was scooped up out
of the toilet they never flush, “Keaton, we won’t tell her
there’s playdough at the bottom then she won’t know until
she’s eating it.” And I know for sure he’s a messenger from
somewhere — and probably not from heaven — and his mission
is to poison me and if that doesn’t work, he’ll opt for slow
torture. Either way it could get messy.

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