Friends I Never Knew review

January 17, 2017

It has proved to be a nerve wracking and even scary thing to start to re-read my novel, Friends I Never Knew.

The last time I read it would have been probably 15 years ago. In the opening pages, Tara, the central character, is working on her novel manuscript with a typewriter.

“Right from the start, it is obsolete,” I critiqued in my mind.

But, of course, past styles of living and what we used as part in that historical time frame makes up the setting of many novels and non-fiction.
This has happened for many centuries.

It is just that I think the typewriter is not yet obsolete enough. It makes me think someone reading my novel now will merely think it old fashioned and out dated to refer to a type writer in the all-encompassing computer age.

The book is well written, though. I definitely give it that.

The following is a short review of it:

Canadian Book Review Annual 1992

by Anne Savoie

Lester, Tanya. Friends I Never Knew. Charlottetown: Gynergy Books, 1992. 155 p. $10.95 pa. ISBN 0-921881-18-5pq. CCIP. DDC. C813’54.

This novel by Tanya Lester, a Winnipeg writer, playwright, and teacher, is narrated by Tara, who seeks refuge in Cyprus in order to write her friends’ life stories. Those friends are women who confront and eventually surmount formidable obstacles: Juanita fights guerrillas in the South American jungle; Lou fights to disseminate birth-control information in Canada, in the 1930s; and Rita fights to help other South Americans flee their country. Reading about their hardships makes one’s own difficulties seem mundane. This is a beautifully written and insightful novel that will inspire the reader to take a different look at his or her friends, and discover someone new.


Friends I Never Knew is available for purchase on as is Tanya’s book called Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader (both can occasionally be purchased from the author). Tanya’s other books are Dreams and Tricksters, a collection of inter-linked short stories, and Women Rights/Writes, profiles on early suffragists and feminists.

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Tanya now does tea leaf readings, tarot and other psychic readings which often include her energy healing skills as a reiki master and is a fulltime house sitter. To learn more go to her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google or go to her website at


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