“Battered Wives” attacked

January 19, 2017
What is in a name?

A lot.

If you are truly creative and innovative, you do not have to put down anyone when you make name choices.

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The Uniter

Wednesday, October 25, 1978

“Battered Wives” attacked

by Tanya Lester

The Social Action Committee, at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YMCA) are taking action against “Battered Wives,” an Ontario band.

The committee’s spokesperson said they are sending a letter to the band’s record agency protesting Battered Wives “frivolous usage” of a term “blatantly trivialized the serious nature of the crime against women.”

The YMCA operates Osborne House, a crisis centre for battered women and children in Winnipeg.

In a radio interview at University of Carleton, the band said “most of the women they know enjoy being beaten and ask for it.” Their logo is a fist with a woman’s bleeding lips on it.

The Social Action Committee feels this sadistic and masochistic advertising exploits “a very serious and very real occurance, in a sensationalized manner.”

The National Union of Students (NUS) has a policy which protests any band’s exploitation of violence towards women. NUS and the Social Action Committee think “Battered Wives” and similar bands, should not be hired for university functions.

Harvey Thorleifson, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) president intends to discuss a policy, the UWSA can take to condemn bands like “Battered Wives”, at Wednesday’s Board of Directors’ meeting.

The Social Action Committee thinks U of W students should draw up a petition protesting the band’s name and actions.

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