Island flexes wisdom muscle in upcoming gathering

January 20, 2017

When my son, Luke, was a pre-teen, I went over– one after another– the many virtues listed in The Virtues Project book. It was a way to educate him on the value of living the many different aspects encapsulated in a virtuous life.

To this day, I often silently chant the following:

I give and receive love, generosity, empathy, kindness and compassion.

I repeat it three times, to help make it stick, and instill is with reiki (healing) energy.

I wish my son this same thing: to give and receive these virtuous emotions.
For myself, it is more difficult for me to receive these virtues than it is to give them to others.

In “mixed up, shook up world” that we live in, I think it is very important for us to remind ourselves to feel these valuable emotions whether in being motivated to feel them for others or for ourselves.

Here is a piece in which I interviewed Linda Kavelin Popov, “the wings” behind The Virtues Project:

Gulf Islands Driftwood
Wednesday, May 17, 2000
Island flexes wisdom muscle in upcoming gathering
by Tanya Lester

“Wisdom is like a muscle and it develops by using it,” says Linda Kavelin Popov, who is facilitating an Awakening the Gift of Wisdom presentation at the Community Wisdom Gathering scheduled for May 25 to 28.

The Virtues Project co-founder intends to have participants talk about their personal sources of wisdom or those sacred moments when people are provided with inner guidance.

“Unless we quiet down into our own wisdom, we miss everything,” said Popov. “Even here on beautiful Salt Spring we are over-scheduled. We have gone out of our minds with too much to do.”

Popov told the story of how three years ago the symptoms of the polio she experienced as a child once again manifested themselves.

She could barely walk and, in desperation one day, she literally fell down on her knees to pray for help.

What spontaneously entered her consciousness were 10 rules for health. One of these was “taking pro-active rest.” That meant lying down with a good novel and resting before she gets tired.

Listening to the flashes of wisdom that spring to our consciousness can guide us in our calling or purpose for the present moment, the next few days or a lifetime, Popov said.

One day, Popov began the morning by praying to be of service to someone that day. A vision came to her of a woman to whom she was acquainted.

Heeding this wise message, she got into a truck and drove for 45 minutes, using her intuition as guidance, to the woman’s workplace.

“I am so glad that you came,” the woman responded to Popov’s appearance. She was emotionally paralyzed and needed a friend with whom to talk and cry.

Popov explained being motivated by her own wisdom, in turn, helped her assist another person in opening up hers.

The homework that Popov does every day to creatively tap into her wisdom is what she calls a routine of reverence — read, pray and meditate.

Anyone who wants to attend her Saturday presentation at the Community Wisdom Gathering might like to do some homework ahead of time, too.

Popov suggested thinking of a time when you listened to your inner wisdom and what difference it made in your life.

An aspect of the gathering that Popov really likes is the fact that there are workshop times when everyone shares his or her wisdom — it is much more than passively sitting and listening to the speakers.

The speakers’ role is to get the wisdom juices flowing…

…presentations and workshops include Chief Leonard George’s Wisdom of the Elders, Dr. Reynold Feldman on What is Wisdom?, Salamah Pope’s An Ancient Cosmology for the New Millennium and Salt Spring’s Bruce Elkin on The Wisdom of Creating: From Vision into Reality.

There is a cultural evening on Saturday featuring the Nuuchaanulth Dancers, Gumbooters and Marimba Band…

…There will also be a Wisdom Garden for participants to create on the Salt Spring United Church meadow on Hereford Avenue in Ganges…
…”When I have the good sense to listen to my wisdom, my day is filled with exciting adventure,” said Popov.


Tanya works as a psychic, specializing in tea leaf reading and tarot. She also instills her reiki energy into her work and into her fulltime house sitting. For more information go to her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google or go to her website: Or email her at or call her cell at 250-538-0086.

Tanya’s books, Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader and Friends I Never Knew, are available for purchase on or from the author. She also authored Dreams and Tricksters as well as Women Rights/Writes.

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