Fundraising begins for Gowlland purchase

January 22, 2017
I doubt if there is anyone living or visiting the Gulf Islands on Canada’s west coast who does not appreciate the glorious, natural beauty of these islands.

This is linked, of course, with the fund raising that goes on regularly to conserve and protect nature as its best.

Read on:
Gulf Islands Driftwood — Penders Edition
Wednesday, September 6, 2000
Fundraising begins for Gowlland purchase
by Tanya Lester

Gowlland Point, described as an attractive piece of South Pender woodland with probably the largest stand of rare chocolate lilies in the Gulf Islands, has been made available to The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) for $355,000

The point is recognizable for its lighthouse and beach. The conservancy will have to raise $100,000 in order for the Capital Regional District (CRD) to make money available for the purchase.

“It’s a wonderful addition to Brooks Point if it can be acquired,” said David Spalding, chairman of the Pender Islands Conservancy Association. Gowlland Point lies next to Brooks Point, now a CRD park, which was purchased early this year largely due to the efforts of local Friends of Brooks Points members. Their fundraising campaign to conserve the property spanned several years.

Because of that, Spalding said the Pender group would be “reluctant to mount a major campaign” so soon after the Brooks Point one has finally been completed.

TLC is taking the reins in the campaign and has scheduled two fundraising cruises. Each six-hour boat trip will start at Port of Sidney Marina, run through the Gulf Islands and tour Gowlland and Brooks points before anchoring in Bedwell Harbour. Van transportation is being provided for participants to view Gowlland Point from the land by Bedwell Harbour Resort and Marina, Pender Island Courier and Island Carriage and Taxi. They will then return to the boat for dinner at anchor.

Orca pods and porpoises have been spotted in this area often during the last few months. TLC communications director Alison Spriggs is optimistic but can make no promises that these ocean inhabitants will be part of the wildlife show during the fundraising voyages.

The cruise will cost $125 per person. A $50 tax receipt will be issued for each ticket…

…Spalding believes the Gulf Island National Park proposal has also heightened off-island people’s awareness of the area’s beauty. Spriggs defines the fundraising campaign as working towards a “conservation vision for the south end of Pender Island’s exceptional ecological values and beauty.”

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