Lineman a shining light

February 22, 2017

This article is one that goes with the previous post.

It is just one of many examples of how people develop their creative strengths in a place like Salt Spring Island that has inspiring natural, even spiritual surroundings, as well as a number of professional artists to mentor those who are starting out.

Gulf Islands Driftwood
December 15, 1999
Lineman a shining light
by Tanya Lester

The jewel in the crown of the Salt Spring Singers’ musical event last weekend was a man who only started taking voice lessons seriously three years ago.

Don Fisher performed four solo pieces, including I Wonder as I Wander and O Holy Night for the three performances.

He began studying music seriously when he turned 50.

“Life gets more and more exciting,” Fisher said, in reference to the different stages of his life.

He has built on past experiences, which included performing folk music with a guitar in clubs before family and work responsibilities took priority.

At the time, he said, his interest waned in the folk genre but he did not know how to progress musically.

Working as a BC Hydro lineman, Fisher has to practise singing when time permits. “It is always in the back of my mind,” he said.

Fisher said he practises “in his head” for about two hours a day and tries to actually sing for an hour.

He is also now studying German, which he has not worked on since attending university 30 years ago. He is doing this in order to sing lieder, specifically a cycle of Robert Schumann’s work.

The poetry of the German language, Fisher said, brings out a depth in the musical imagery he does not find to the same extent in English or French.

Fisher intends to perform the cycle at the Victoria Performing Arts Festival in April.

He said he will follow this up with a public appearance on Salt Spring Island.

After spending so much time preparing a musical rendition, Fisher always likes to take it to more than one venue.

“Music is just wonderful,” he said. “If people like to hear it, it is doubly wonderful.”

One audience member who had not heard Fisher sing previously was, like many, overwhelmed by his performance at the Salt Spring Singers concerts and wants to hear more.

She said Monday. “I fell in love with his liquid gold voice — it’s still with me. It is just so thrilling.”


Tanya is a psychic who practises tea leaf reading and tarot as well as being a reiki master and a house sitter. For more on what she does and how access her services go to her web site at or her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. Also, she can be contacted directly by emailing her at tea or calling her cell at 250-538-0086.


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