New Woodrow UGG elevator op

February 27, 2017

Unless I am really out of the know, I believe the time for grain elevators to open on the Canadian prairies is long gone as are a lot of the elevators that used to stand like sentinels as people road across the flat plains.

This is one reason why I am doing this blog: to make sure to conserve information about what has happened in our past.

Read on:

Gravelbourg Gazette

February 9, 1983

New Woodrow UUG elevator opens

by Tanya Lester

The new United Grain Growers (UGG) elevator in Woodrow will be opening in May and is the result of a lot of “badgering and coaxing and begging” on the local UGG board’s part according to board secretary Herb Patterson.

The new elevator which is nearing construction completion stands 126 feet high and will operate with 70 foot long scales to accommodate semi-trailer trucks that can haul up to 1000 bushels of grain each.

The old elevator could handle only 350 bushel truck loads, Mr. Patterson said.

The elevator scheduled to start operating in May will also be equipped with a computerized system to reduce the former two day mail services of the Woodrow elevator grain intake results to Winnipeg head office to an “almost instantaneous” time span.

The elevator can handle up to 30,000 bushels a day and the records, through the computer, will be in to Winnipeg by the end of that same day, Mrs. Patterson said.

An even more unique modern aspect of the elevator, according to Mr. Patterson, is to be its dust collector system. The dust will be loaded for shipment with the grain instead of being channelled off and disposed as is done in the older style elevators. Mr. Patterson said the dust is high in protein and, therefore, the new dust collector system can benefit the consumer as well as the farmer.

The elevator’s foundation has been built with 18 inch width columns of cement that extend 30 feet into the ground. Mr. Patterson said this type of foundation will prevent the elevator from sinking.

The new Woodrow elevator will be replacing one built in 1914. Mr. Patterson said the local UGG board opposed any company plans to try and improve the old elevator. “It would be like putting good money against bad,” he said.

The modern Woodrow elevator will become an operating reality in the spring due to the “young committee” of the local UGG board who aggressively lobbied elevator company officials in Regina and Winnipeg over a 12 year period, Mr. Patterson said.


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