$25,000 grant for program

March 4, 2017

Although those of us who believe we are all equal and should equal opportunities sometimes despair (and sometimes a lot when certain people are elected to public office) when we seem to go two steps forward and than one step back, things, dare I say, are always getting a bit better.

When I was a child, I do not think anyone in my classrooms was handicapped or disabled or differently abled (which is my favourite of the three terms) but now this is so in a lot of classrooms in Canadian schools.

This has been so for at least a few decades:

Gravelbourg Gazette

February 9, 1983

$25,000 grant for program

by Tanya Lester

The Shared Services Program taking in four area school divisions has received $25,000 from the former Guiding Light School to purchase materials for handicapped students, it was announced at the Gravelbourg School Board meeting on January 31.

Gordon Toth, the Shared Services Program educational psychologist, in a telephone interview, explained the Guiding Light School for handicapped children in Assiniboin had closed its doors due to the trend towards mainstreaming these children into regular schools in the Gravelbourg, Wood River, Borderland, and Assiniboin school divisions. The school was closed with $25,000 left in its board’s bank account.

Mr. Toth said, after approaching the Guiding Light board, it was agreed the money could be used to purchase materials for parent and teacher use in the four school divisions.

The materials which will include special language programs for students with speaking disabilities, aids for children who have slow thinking and learning processes, and mathematics programs, will be housed in the…Assiniboia School Division office, Mr. Toth said.

The materials can be borrowed from the resource room by parents and teachers for up to a year at a time, Mr. Toth explained. They will aid children with learning disabilities from a pre-school to teenage level.

On February 18, representatives knowledgeable in the area of special education from the four school divisions will be meeting with Mr. Toth to prepare a “massive” list of the materials to be recommended for ordering. The representatives will include Pat Prefontaine from Gravelbourg, Georgette Gregoire from Wood River, Lynn Lindsay from Assiniboin, and Linda Balyski from Borderland.

After the group decides which materials should be ordered, the list will be presented to the Guiding Light board for approval. Mr. Toth expects all of the $25,000 will be used for purchases as some of the materials will be ordered from the United States, therefore, shipping costs and the exchange on the dollar will increase the expenses.

The Shared Services Program for children with handicaps and learning disabilities in the four school divisions was established in September 1982. At the recent Gravelbourg School Board meeting, it was brought to the board’s attention that$7,497 us thus school division’s expected contribution to the program for 1983. In 1982, the school division charge for the Shared Services Program was $4,054.


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