Gustafson iniovolved in MP’s anti-metric gas station

March 20, 2017

I still do not totally grasp the metric system and I will probably die without fully understanding it.


Because it is not really necessary for me to thoroughly understand it. Most of the time, I function very nicely without fully comprehending it and I occasionally catch myself referring to ‘miles’ instead of ‘kilometers’ no doubt puzzling anyone who is even a bit younger than I am.

I do not believe, like some did when the Canadian government switched to metric, that it was in-Canadian and disloyal to the Commonwealth to adapt the metric weights and measurements system.

Those Conservative MPs referred to in the following ststafory story did:

Gravelbourg Gazette

February 9, 1983

Gustafson involved in MP’s anti-metric gas station

by Tanya Lester

Len Gustafson, Member of Parliament (MP) for Assiniboia, is one of 32 Conservative MPs involved in running an Ottawa station which serves gas in gallons rather than litres.

Operating the gas station on the imperial measurement system is a Conservative protest against the o is the government’s method of enforcing metric conversion. “What we are opposed to is the fact that the government is forcing people to change to metric on a voluntary basis without bringing their intentions to Parliament where the issue could have been debated.

To operate on both measurement systems in the world market does not pose a problem for large international dealers as to make the conversion between what a number of bushels would work out to be in tonnes, for example, can be simply done with a chart, Mr. Gustafson said.

The MP pointed out although the government has compelled grain elevators in the West to change the metric system, when the grain reaches the Lakehead it is still referred to in bushels.

The MP’s gas station is located in Carleton, 20 miles from Ottawa, and Mr. Gustafson said they already received $10,000 in donations which would be used in the event that the Liberal government takes them to court for breaking the law. One Winnipeg man who is opposed to the effects the metric switch would have on his lumber business contributed a $1000 cheque, Mr. Gustafson said.

The treasurer for the MP’s Court fund is Doug Neil, MP for Moose Jaw riding. In the event that the funds are not needed, the money will be returned to the donor, Mr Gustafson said.


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