Rockglen businesses respond to Hunter sale

M arch 25, 2017

I like everyone else (come on admit it, you do this,too) get a bit irritated to outright pissed off if someone hones in on what I believe to be my commercial territory as a psychic reader.

The more I believe that Higher Power is dedicated to providing for me what I need most, the less jealous, angry, etc. I feel about others stomping on my boundaries.

The following is a little story about local business people putting  on ‘brave faces’ when a travelling business comes into town. In this case in southern Saskatchewan in the early 1980s.

More often than not, nowadays, I am one of those travelers arriving in someone’s community hoping they will be open to me and what I have (which might be something different from businesses that have been there a long time).

The article:

Borderland Reporter

March 9, 1983

Rockglen businesses respond to Hunter sale

by Tanya Lester

Most Rockglen businesses contacted concerning the Hunter’s sporting goods sale being organized for the town by the local Kinsmen were not strongly opposed to its taking place.

“For myself, it doesn’t really bother me because they don’t handle the type of items I deal in,” said Debbie Prefontaine, a Rockglen Variety and Liquor Store owner.

Rather, Mrs. Prefontaine believes the sale will help her business as it will draw people into the town who might stop to pick-up supplies.

Rose Hudy of Lorry’s Restaurant thinks the sale is a “fantastic” idea which will help bring people into her business. She said her restaurant just bought jackets worth several hundreds of dollars from Hunter’s Sport Shop.

Jean Hochlander, an owner of Valleyview Clothing thought the sale would neither help or hurt her business. She made reference to the town council’s directive to the Kinsmen which should ensure the Hunter’s Sport Shop will only be selling products not available at the town’s stores.

But, Mrs. Hochlander did mention the Hunter’s sale last year did not increase her business sales as their store was closed for the day.

Charlie Switallo, the Rockglen Hardware owner, said, “It (the sale) doesn’t really make that much difference. It’ll do more harm than good but it doesn’t bother me.”

Last month, when town council gave the go ahead to the sale, it was suggested the Kinsmen contact Rockglen businesses to ask them if they would be interested in setting up booths in conjunction with the Hunter’s sale.


Tanya is a psychic, reiki master and house sitter. For more information go to her web at or her pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. Her email is tealeaf.56@ Her cell number is 250-538-0086.


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